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App description: Challenge your brain in ways that will leave you laughing, cursing and feeling bewildered. Reverse Maze is mazing done forwards in a world where left is right and up is down.

Take if from the community, Reverse Maze rocks:

"throw your iPhone under a train in frustration"
- TouchGen

"Reverse Maze is an awesome addicting game that is easily one of the best maze games on the App Store. Its well thought out ideas are one of a kind as like I said, I want more!"
- Appmodo

"You could go absolutely mental playing this game. Best part is, youll be enjoying it, the whole time :D"
- KissMyApps

"From top to bottom Reverse Maze is brilliantly presented with a very pretty futuristic vibe throughout."
- ButtonMasher

Dodge butterflies, trigger traps and take teleports while opening doors in 48 unique levels full of twists and turns. Prepare for confusion as your controls get reversed, re-reversed, re-re-reversed and even rotated leaving you wondering which way is up.

Maneuver your way to the exit through a maze of twists, turns and traps, challenging to even the best spatial thinkers. Play for 2 minutes or 2 hours, there is always a new challenge around the corner. Finishing the game is only the first step, track your stats as you go and struggle to achieve gold in all areas. Challenge the world as you fight for the all time and 24 hour quickest time in each level.

freedog's comments:

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02-03-2010, 01:29 AM
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Thanks freedog!

We are really looking forward to people playing our gaming and welcome any feedback.

Check out our website, we'll have a new blog post up shortly.

Happy gaming!

02-03-2010, 01:30 AM
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Been waiting for this game and decided to TOFTT.

Really enjoying this game so far but its definitely difficult because you can't take your finger off the screen (resets the level). Constantly changing the controls and your mind just can't seem to adapt fast enough! For me, this has been extremely difficult since level 1!

I am about half way thru the levels so far (taken me about an hour to get that far). They are getting much more difficult and expect to die a LOT!

Very polished interface, the graphic style really suits the game. The game is quite enjoyable (even though at times you want to hurl your iPhone thru the window . Really nice music and the global score charts are a nice touch.

Slightly higher price than I expected (thought it would be a 99c rather than 1.99) but for the higher than expected production quality I think its worth it.

Happy with my purchase so far.
02-03-2010, 01:35 AM
Joined: Mar 2009
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This game looks really cool.
02-03-2010, 02:26 AM
Originally Posted by Dense View Post
Slightly higher price than I expected (thought it would be a 99c rather than 1.99) but for the higher than expected production quality I think its worth it.

Happy with my purchase so far.
To be honest, $2 is becoming the standard for puzzle-like games on the App Store. I don't think one has debuted at $1 in quite a while. Anything where you have to think is now at an equilibrium price of $2, so I think we should get used to that

Who knows? Maybe it will eventually raise to $5, if the App Store landscape gets too populated by the bigger companies, causing independent developers to raise the price of their games to make a decent profit, seeing how the mega-publishers are taking all their limelight away.

I don't know, just a doomsday scenario I thought of. But that's a different topic for a different day

I just downloaded Reverse Maze. The name intrigued me, and once I saw the art style and how it looks like there's a great deal of coordination and brainwork going on, I decided to blind-buy it. Dense's impressions did help further my blind buy

I'm a bit worried it might be too hard for me, but whatevz. It looks fun
02-03-2010, 02:55 AM
Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 163
I've probably been used to the 99c market for a while and knowing this was a fairly short game that what I based my expectation on.

However, I don't mind that its $1.99 (I did instant buy it).

I also agree, in some ways this game seems like it might be too hard for me. I actually have been laughing at myself when trying to do the later levels. Simple things, I cant do at times and I feel like a retard!

I think the idea that a game that all you gotta do is move the pointer to the exit using your finger should be so simple a trained monkey can do it. Yet, its quite the opposite, your brain gets wired into working in reverse and as soon as the controls start changing you just can't seem to tell it to flip into another mode. Add in the pressure of a timed events and you just seem to panic and you are starting the level again

Whats even more surprising, is I consider myself pretty good at puzzle and platform games.

Could anyone imagine if we had levels where we raced in realtime other players online. Could be absolutely hilarious if you could see each others pointers
02-03-2010, 03:23 AM
Yeah, I've played about six levels now, and it definitely is tricky, especially when you readjust yourself so you can actually see where the ball is going D:

I find it very hypnotic playing with headphones, and moving the iPhone around while I'm moving my finger. It actually seems to help me a bit visualizing moving my phone around to get the ball around the maze. Don't know why this is, but maybe you should try that?

I have a suggestion to the developer: If you want to really piss off a lot of people, and make a lot of people very impatient, make the phone vibrate twice every time they hit a wall.

P.S. Seriously, though, please don't add vibrate D: For some reason, whenever I play these types of games, if it vibrates when I hit the wall, I feel so annoyed, and that makes it super frustrating. Very strange, indeed, but I'm sure I'm not the only person out there

Here's a real suggestion: Regarding not being able to pick up your finger from the screen: Maybe you could add a small timer or something that will make it so you can pull your finger off, but only for a couple seconds before your circle blows up I have found it to be rather unfair that I have to risk throwing my puck off the screen just because I can't see under my finger, and sometimes when I readjust, the puck gets kind of funky

Really fun game so far, though. Hypnotic in a way, like I said above
02-03-2010, 04:07 AM
Joined: Jan 2010
Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
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Hi guys, I'm glad you are enjoying the game.

Pricing is a really difficult issue and one that is discussed by a lot of indie developers. A really interesting article can be found over at Gamasutra.

As to the difficulty you will find the more you play it the easier it will become. This will allow you to progress to the harder levels later on. Wait until you see what tricks are in store for you then! :-)

The difficulty was something we discussed at great length. You need to make the game hard enough to challenge people without taking the fun out of it. Each level is designed to progressively get harder while introducing new features along the way to keep the player guessing.

Player placement and pathing was a heavily prototyped aspect. Obstruction (via hand placement) is simply another puzzle for you to solve
02-03-2010, 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by jacob.toye View Post
Obstruction (via hand placement) is simply another puzzle for you to solve
(To semi-quote SAW VI): That rolled off your tongue real smooth... In fact, that was downright slick.

02-04-2010, 12:34 AM
Dave here, the other half of Ironshod.

Jacob has gone to see AC/DC perform in concert, so I'm going to post some promo codes while he is away


Shout out as you take them and please leave us your impressions!

See you on the high scores!

Also, Congrats to Haeal, the first person to beat all 48 levels!