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3D Hack & Slash Control Ideas

02-03-2010, 07:31 PM
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3D Hack & Slash Control Ideas

isted below are some ideas, concepts and thoughts for 3D action RPG and/or hack and slash games:

-virtual wheel of course
-double taps on wheel (top, bottom, left or right) can be used for dashing, charges or sprinting in the direction of the double tap
-can also leverage flick gestures on the wheel for dodge moves in combat
-down flick can roll, backflip, or hop back
-left or right flicks can be used to circle strafes rolls or somersaults
-and up flicks can be used to roll or hop or lunge forward

*double taps work like this: double tap basically lock in the dash and charge or sprint meaning your character will endlessly charge until they hit an enemy (which is also an attack in itself), hit a wall or until player touches wheel again

camera movement:
-use the virtual wheel bottom right to control the camera
-there can be a lock and unlock button on the screen if need be
-lock will move the camera for you
-the camera will move based on; direction the gamer is going compared to the direction they "should be going", + enemies, treasures and exits on the field
-it should automatically pan to give gamer the best POV in any given moment
-unlock means the player has to manually control the camera

enemy lock on:
-lifting both thumbs off the screen pauses the game action kinda like how in Valkyrie profile 2 where live action pause when your not moving
-when game action is paused there will be little on screen buttons that like kinda like how the radar works in minigore for the furries except the arrow will be pointing at the enemy it represents rather then where they are coming from
-tap on this button to lock unto that enemy; thus the camera will pan and an augmented effect will highlight that enemy
-then commence to attacking
-want to change targets? simply lift thumb off screens again and repeat above process
-when both thumbs are off the screen and game action is paused you can also pinch zoom out to get a birds eye view of the battle field where you can see all of the enemies in the immediate vicinity

-simply slide your thumbs from the two virtual wheels together
-once they move off the wheel and touch your character will be blocking
-parry = pinch out your thumbs very fast to parry

-tap anywhere on the virtual wheel bottom right to do quick attacks
-double tap to do strong attacks
-flicks left to right are graps
-flicks up will knock enemies into the air
-flicks down will do a ground stomp or sweep or something

base combos:
-base combos are simply different combinations of taps + double taps + flicks

context finishing kills: (like god of war)
-will be done if the enemies hp is low and sometimes randomly after you land one of the base combos on an enemy
-to do a context finishing move you must sway your thumb left to right across the x axis of the wheel back and forth without stopping or up and down across the y axis of the wheel without stopping whatever the on screen pop up dictates
-you must follow on screen directions or the move will fail
-as some will have you sway left to right and other up and down some might even change up and have you switch during the move or pause in the center of the wheel, do taps or double taps whatever

magic and skills:
-take your left thumb off the virtual wheel for movement; with right thumb held on the center of the right virtual wheel
-this will turn the right virtual wheel into a magic/skill hotkey with up to 4 equip-able skills or spells assigned to a direction (up, down, left, and right)
-quickly select a spell or skill by sliding your thumb to the top, bottom, left, or right edge of the wheel
-then immediately take your left thumb to tap & hold on the enemy or group of enemies that you want to destroy
-to unleash the move lift both thumbs off the screen simultaneously; and the animation will play out like a FF12 quickening

how awesome would that be?

-items = button between the two wheels; tap to bring up list of items

-swap weapons = oncreen button between the two wheels; each weapon has its own stats but also has its own attacks, combos and finishing moves

-menu button top right brings up menu where you can change equipment, update skill trees, and swap out party memebers

additional thoughts:
-needs loot
-needs equipment like armor, weapons, shields and accessories
-levels and stats
-skill trees instead of distributing points
-there will also need to be a radar top right; tap the radar to pull up a full screen map with native iphone controls for navigating the map
-party members would be nice; to so you can switch up on the fly between 2-3 characters each with different skills, weapons and magic
-each weapon has its own unique skills, combos, and finishing moves

what do you guys think? practical? would love to hear your thoughts


I consult with the 7 sages
02-03-2010, 08:31 PM
Joined: Aug 2009
Posts: 501
+flicks from right to left can be spin moves (on the bottom right wheel)

I consult with the 7 sages