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App description: Crazy Tornado celebrating Chinese New Year! Price Drop!! Get it now for 1.99 ONLY!!
Absorb and destroy!! Top 10 cities are in your hand. Destroy all the famous landscapes over the world to accomplish these tough missions!

To steal the rich resources of earth, aliens planted several powerful bio-tornado in the biggest cities of the earth. These tornados will absorb the energy from earth and use this power to destroy everything on earth! You have to move these bio-tornados around to gather enough energy and escape from earth, or the deadly air on earth will destroy the tornado!

1. Grow!! All tornados fight together!
Invade! Keep growing your energy. When the power reaches MAX, you could grow more tornados to help you out! You could also make a even bigger tornado by combining 2 tornados of the same type! Yes, its so easy to destroy this planet!

2. Control!! Please take good care of your tornado!
3 different types of tornados could destroy different buildings. If you try to hit a building that you cant destroy, your tornado would be damaged instead. Meanwhile, you have to check the energy of your tornado. If you dont give them enough energy, they will die before you even accomplish your great plan of earth invasion!



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! MAX!! !!~!! !!

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An interesting twist on natural disasters.