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App description: Addicting, mind-blowing, picture-matching ACTION!

Explore three game modes across three different worlds in this fiendishly addictive matching game! Each world features a completely different visual style and elaborates on the basic game play with new twists on rules to give you hours of entertainment. Plus, collect achievement medals, tease your friends on Twitter, and compare your scores with others around the world. This app is a must-have!

NOTE: "Pop Fizz" and "Pop Fizz Gold" are identical games. However, "Pop Fizz Gold" has all content pre-loaded and runs on iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later, whereas "Pop Fizz" has some content available for purchase and runs on iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

"This game is great pickup and play fun and each of the in-app packs is not merely a re-skin but have their own unique rule variations and power-ups." [Staff Reviewer at Mobile Tech Review]

"Bizarre matching game with manic graphics and tons of variety" [148Apps]

WARNING - this game is insanely addictive. Play at your own risk.

gamecollage's comments:
All of us at Game Collage, the stupendous micro-developer team that is redefining gaming as we know it, are proud to announce two of our newest titles, Pop Fizz and Pop Fizz Gold. The titles are identical in nature, with one being free and offering InApp purchases whereas the other retails for $1.99 and comes with all purchases already pre-loaded. We invite you to check them out!

Pop Fizz is a unique arcade game featuring three types of basic game play, three different worlds each with its own set of rules, and close to thirty unique achievements to collect! Additionally, the game boasts global leader boards and seamless Twitter integration. It's been over two months in the making and we are very proud of the final result. We hope that you enjoy it as well!

02-05-2010, 04:31 PM
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Are you using openfeint > Also, can you add a video ?
02-05-2010, 04:45 PM
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There is no OpenFeint integration. I did initially integrate it into the game, but as a solution it seemed heavy weight and somewhat buggy. So, in the end, I took it out. The global leader boards are implemented using CocosLive.net and achievements are local.

I'll see about getting a gameplay video together. Until then, feel free to check out the free version and test out the game play directly.
02-05-2010, 05:56 PM
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Game Impressions

Hey, Cranker, the game does great Online Score Tracking (although as there are very few scores currently I have no way to see how far they track them) but I love the concept of Week/Month/Ever of scores so even those coming to the game much later might still have a chance to get something on the "Week" board if the all time super master (you know, like Zincous) has already move on.

This game is great pickup and play fun and each of the in-app packs is not merely a re-skin but have their own unique rule variations and power-ups. To highlight some of the unique aspects:

Smiles (default): Can you keep popping the smilies in the dark with only their blinking eyes to match them by for bonus points?

Planes ($1 in-app purchase): Each match will cause a bomb to drop down on the city scape below so you'll need to make sure, beyond merely clearing the screen of matches, that you take out all of the buildings below.

Hearts ($1 in-app purchase): Besides matching hearts to make them disappear, you'll often need to mend the individual hearts before you can match them with another full heart. In an almost seemingly unrleated extra sub game, can you make the occassional bomb power-up blast in such a way so as to knock out a bird or UFO?

If you get the Gold version these in-app purchases are already included. If this weren't enough you can play each of these themes in three modes:

Race: Match all you can before time runs out.

Arcade: Match all you can until the screen fills up.

Free Play: Try to get the best score possible after playing through about 5 rounds.

Finally, while the game isn't a part of any social network, it has global highscores (divided by Week/Month/Ever) and boatloads of achievements (many theme pack specific like managing to set off three bombs in a single game of Hearts Arcade without hitting any birds or UFOs).

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