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Best 5 dollar iPhone game?

02-06-2010, 04:14 PM
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Best 5 dollar iPhone game?

I recently purchased an iPhone and I was curious what game has the best 5$ dollar value I can download.
02-06-2010, 04:14 PM
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Space Miner: Space Ore Bust comes to mind.

02-06-2010, 04:20 PM
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Battle for Wesnoth. Over 200 hours of gameplay for 5 dollars.
02-06-2010, 04:21 PM
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- Battle for Wesnoth.
- Ravensword: The Fallen King.

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02-06-2010, 04:21 PM
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definitely labyrinth 2 for addictiveness and features
02-06-2010, 04:36 PM
Originally Posted by S.I.D. CrAzY View Post
Space Miner: Space Ore Bust comes to mind.
I like all the games listed already (and have a particular softspot for Ravensword). But you have to buy Space Miner. It's the new high point of original iPhone gaming. Simply amazing.
02-06-2010, 05:04 PM
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Agreed! For 4.99$, Space Miner offers a lot of gameplay!

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02-06-2010, 05:45 PM
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Modern combat sandstorm
02-06-2010, 05:47 PM
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Space Miner or Battle for Wesnoth
Both are great games.

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02-07-2010, 01:46 AM
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space miner.. definitely..