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iPhone: 3D Zombie Shooting Game- Graves Robber 1.1 released [$4.99 --> $1.99]

02-11-2010, 11:00 PM
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3D Zombie Shooting Game- Graves Robber 1.1 released [$4.99 --> $1.99]

48 Hrs Time Limited Offer $4.99 ===> $ 1.99
What's New : v1.1
1. Modified the reloading as players asked. the reloading will not be interrupted now.
2. Many players feedback that the movement is slow, so increased the movement.
3. Add more details in game tutorials.
4. Fixed bug the player can't be leaded to next map when boss is down.
5. tell the player to go through the portal.
6. Add some effects for iPhone 3GS.


Graves Robber is a 3D RPG Zombies-Shooting game. It begins with the desire to get six crystal skulls from Sara, who is a professional grave robber in this game. To get the six crystal skulls, Sara came to the dark island, surrounded by gloomy church and horrible tombs.

What Sara has in hands is gun and use it to eliminate the evil zombies on the way. Sara will gain one crystal skull each time by discovering where the boss located and killing this big zombie.

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/graves-robber/id353766906?mt=8#

Youtube URL :

Youtube link | Pop Up

- Accelerator to control the run direction
- Real 3D physics
- Intelligent angle of view
- Switch the view between the first and third
- About five hundred zombies you have to kill
- Different weapons and bullets can be purchased to defend the zombies
- Different equipment are provided for strengthening the armor
- In game tutorials

How to Play Graves Robber

* The beginners are suggested to take a look at the instruction and learn the basic shooting lesson by the guide of In-Game-Tutorials.
* Keep an eye on the HP and replenish the blood.
* Please reload immediately when the weapon is out of bullets. If you are surrounded by the zombies, you'd better use the time machine to suspend the action of zombies, so you have time to reload or run away.
* Remember to buy weapon and bullets when you go back home.
* Props such as quick potion, gold coins are rewarded if you touch the closed box, coffin, or mound during the game.
* Earn as many gold coins as you can to purchase weapon and equipment you need.
* If you find the time door, then you will be delivered to where you should go.
* Before discovering the boss, you'd better kill as many zombies as possible to gain special energy which can be used to weaken boss’ magic. The energy value is shown via the green skulls in your bag panel.
* If you have any question or need help, please visit our web site to find detailed video tutorials: "http://www.iphogame.com"

For more information about the game please visit: http://www.iphogame.com
48 Hrs Time Limited Offer $4.99 ===> $ 1.99

BTW: Graves Robber Lite also available , please search in App Store.

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02-12-2010, 05:33 AM
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goodies! finally..

now I can resume to play the game
02-12-2010, 07:49 AM
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Update seems to address any issues players had...GREAT!

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02-12-2010, 08:11 AM
I think some people may find that turning is still slow, but movement is much improved, and the gameplay just seems smoother and more straightforward. Nice inprovement.
02-12-2010, 08:42 AM
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Having an adjustable (increased) turn speed might help further, but the current changes have definitely helped. I only played the first level before the update and playing the second level after the update just felt more smooth than the first did. The reload fix also helps things quite a bit.

I also just realized that dragging the screen changes the camera direction, however your character direction stays put. Even without changing to a full d-pad (which would support strafing), just changing this drag function to also turn the player when turning the camera would help. I don't know that I would have a need to change where the camera is looking without being able to walk or shoot in that same direction.

Thanks for the prompt update Han.

(If this is the new thread moving forward, maybe a mod can lock the old one.)