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Several questions about Free app /w downloadable full version

02-12-2010, 10:34 AM
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Several questions about Free app /w downloadable full version

Hello fellas,

As I'm not as experienced about the appstore as most of you due to a lack of time, I had several questions about one recent App feature that Apple claimed to be gamechanging : The free Lite version, containing the full game as a DLC.

In theory, this is great. It cleans the appstore from double lite/full games, It unleash the ability for the full game to be split into several segments (user chooses what he wants from the game), and it gives the ability for any game to be downloadable from 3G/Edge.

But I'm surprised to see that Lite version AND full versions are still crawling on the AS.

At first, I suspected the devs to make this choice just to double their game's visibility (which is bad, if it's the case. We don't want a Junkstore anymore.).

But after some time browsing the different sections, I realized there was a serious flaw in this DL full game politic :

Free apps and Paid apps are just in two separate sections of the most consulted group : Top 25.
And Free apps with DL full version are in the Free section.

When you think of it, anybody's logic would say that real free apps are completely different in term of quality / replayability than paid ones. Well at least, that's my way of thinking when entering any physical store
So when a user enters the Top 25, if he wants a free app, and sees that this game is "free but not exactly", wouldn't he be tempted to flee from it ?
I mean if you're in there for free content, you want free content, and not this suspicious "free but wait a minute" (suspicious for people that are not very familiar with this cool system that I'm talking about, and I think they are a lot).

And here comes the downside problem : this very same app won't be listed in the Paid app either. Which means a 80% lost chance to be tried (we all know what visibility does look like in other sections...).

It's only speculation here, but I feel that having the ass aiming at two chairs is a forthcoming broken coccyx.

What are your thoughts about all this stuff ?

Do you go in the free apps to search for cool DLable full apps ?

Do you even buy DL full versions ?

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02-12-2010, 01:23 PM
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I completly support the idea of DLC full versions for 2 reasons:
1. piraters cannot download the extra content for free.
2. It gives people a choice to try the lite, finish it, then continue right where they left off if they want to.

I think the main reason people don't like the DLC full version is because people may start feeling "ripped off" when they thought it was the full version.

EDIT: Another reason might be that alot of users have 2.0 software, which does not have the DLC option.

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02-12-2010, 02:10 PM
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