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App description: This is a role playing game with a story of treasure hunting. The main character is a descendant of the legendary Brave-man. However his mom and he are quite poor and has debts. So he decided to find the treasure that his ancestor hid somewhere.

Only introduction section is free.
If you want to play whole story, you need to pay $0.99 with In App Purchases.
However, there is no hurry to pay. A message will appear on map if you get the state to need purchase.
02-24-2010, 04:29 AM
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Has anyone tried this?

I downloaded it but can't get out of the first city. I also downloaded the Mac version and I couldn't get any further with that either.

Either I'm missing something, or it's bugged/incomplete.

EDIT: Well I got out of the first city: you have to enter the shop by the back door so you can talk to the woman rather than just buy stuff from her. Not very intuitive frankly. Then you have to buy an object with blank/no-name from the man. Not sure if this is a bug, but basically select the blank line underneath Buy and Sell. Then you're on your way.

Saving is an absolute pain because you can only do it in cities. There's also no information as to what anything does (I still have no clue what Magic Seeds are for). Swords also seem to have random strengths regardless of value. I bought an Iron Sword that was damage 10, compared to my cheap Bronze Sword of 11. After a re-load I managed to get an Iron Sword of 15.

Overall I do like this game. But it needs work. Some of the battles are drearily long and the "Run Away" success rate is minimal. I'm currently trying to find out a princess's name syllable-by-syllable. Every time I make a mistake the guard attacks me, and it's like a five minute battle to kill him and start over. Reloading means I have to go all the way back through the forest with random battles, some of which take forever.

Still no clue what the princess's name is but it starts with Lu-ki. Sorry for the huge spoiler but if you play this game (and miss her name like I did, if it's even mentioned?) you will vastly appreciate the spoiler.

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