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02-16-2010, 03:54 AM
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Hi everybody,

I'd like to present You a new upcoming game we've created in the last few months.

HexaRot© is a powerful hexagon based puzzle game, where the main goal is to match three or more triangles with the same color.
It requires the player to discover and improve a technique to complete every level faster and faster.
HexaRot© has three different game modes:

Time Wheel (30 levels) - the player has a time limit to find match, otherwise the point number gets reduced every second. By completing the Time Wheel levels, the player also unlocks the Relax Wheel levels.
Relax Wheel (30 levels) - this mode is a more relaxed version of the Time Wheel, where the player can replay the same levels, but without the time restriction and gives the player an opportunity to find and bring the technique to perfection.
Magic Wheel (6 levels) - this is a special puzzle mode, where the player needs to remake the given level in the shortest time possible. The player will have an extra preview button for help.
The game also has High Scores which includes the local and the global high scores for the Magis and Time Wheel.
We also included OpenFeint in the game. With this app included, the player has a variety of extra features:
- Achievements
Track the progress of the game, earn rewards and improve the OpenFeint Score!
- Leaderboards
Arcade style high scores, compare the scores to the OpenFeint community.
- Forums & Chat
Chat live with other OpenFeint players, share game tactics and discover what people are playing!
- Connect with Friends
The player can use Facebook or Twitter to connect with friends on OpenFeint! Here is the place for some friendly competition.

Here You can find a promotional video and an ingame one:

... and some screenshots:

Have fun!
The Happy Games team
02-17-2010, 04:37 AM
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