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2992 kills - Cartoon Wars Gunner Strategy

02-16-2010, 01:38 PM
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2992 kills - Cartoon Wars Gunner Strategy

My best was 982 yesterday, today I tried a variation on strategy and got 2992, fifth place for now
My strategy:
  • Main Fighting Style
    -Use fast weapon to run away.
    -Move DIAGONALLY ZIGZAGGING through groups of enemies to avoid hits.
    -Get some distance, if no projectiles are about to hit switch to heavy weapon, stand still and fire.
    -When they get too close, switch and run.
Most Dangerous Enemies - Target First
Magic Staff
Spinning Green Razor Bat
Never stay on the same height as these for very long. If you can hit them and stun them, get multiple hits on them before running again.
The Heavy Robots aren't too much trouble - just run diagonally through them and you won't get hit.
  • Unequip Bow.
    Upgrade Pistols twice, for gold gain.
    Increase LC asap (soon as you get gold) until LV10.
    At level 10, start saving for the Assault Rifle.
    Walk away with Rocket Launcher to cool the Pistols (they have the gold bonus)
    Get at least 10k and Buy Assault Rifle.
    Unequip Rocket Launcher.
    Upgrade Assault Rifle for Gold Gain.
    Heal if you need to with Assault Rifle.
    Upgrade LC a few times.
    Upgrade Assault Rifle to LV5 for the power increase and MP gain.

    Alright, now you've got the Assault Rifle and good gold earning capacity, but it's not enough. Get at least LC LV 20 - I did 23. At least 20, too much and you will have a lot of money but no firepower / health later on.

    Start increasing your MaxMP at least LV5 and Defense LV10. When you get full MP, increase MaxHP and heal.

    From here it becomes more fluid, the earlier is just to get you a good start.
    You want to get comfortable - full HP and MP, then save for the Robot Suit.
    If you're concerned you'll start getting hit more - it's a different point in the game for everyone - Get Defense LV20. This can be before or after the Robot Suit depending how good you are at dodging. When the second set of Magic Wands come out, I upgrade Defense because they can be difficult to avoid.

    Upgrade Speed when the first spears come out. Get at least Speed LV10 - you'll be fine with that for a long time.t

    Once you've got the Robot Suit, you're in your prime. Focus on maxing your MP then raising MaxHP and healing. Get at least Defense LV25.

    You won't need any more LC. Switch to your assault rifle when you get backed into a corner, run a circle & zig zag through the enemies, switch back to Robot Suit and gun them down! You will last a while doing this. Get MaxHP and Defense and HP Recover, Max MP, MP Recover to at least 30 each - upgrade your Suit when you can spare the cash.

    When you're at least 30 in these stats, except for MaxMP / MP Recover (I didn't focus as much on these until later) start saving up for the Ninja Stars (BEST WEAPON).

    Unequip Assault Rfile, Equip Ninja Stars, then focus on finishing your upgrades, taking breaks from that to improve your Ninja Stars - max upgrade is the best weapon imo.

    Just keep upgrading until all HP/MP/Defense stats are maxed, then boost Speed (boost earlier if you think you need the help in dodging). By this point I was full HP all the time and over 50% MP constantly. I really think Defense is better than HP Recover to upgrade, because it helps you even when you're full HP from healing.

    Had tons of money at this point - bought and upgraded a flamethrower a few levels just to try it, but unequipped it. Focus on health / defense / MP recovery - with LV 23 the money will come in quick

    That's it! I scored 5'th place with 2992 kills today. Hope to see you guys and girls kick me out of the top 5.
Cooldown: You won't need it until after all of your other stats are maxed.
Power: I never noticed a big difference in damage - upgrade this after everything else is maxed. I waited until after I had the Ninja Stars - did fine without it until then.
Skill: More useful than Cooldown, but wait until you're LV40 in the other stats. Upgrade this before Cooldown.

Thanks for reading!
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02-16-2010, 03:09 PM
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Thanks for the tips