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App description: The living dead have overrun rural Texas! Four gritty Texas souls have survived the initial onslaught and have banded together to take on the Zombie Horde. Lead their struggle to survive!

Zed, a swaggering Texas Cowboy, is deadly accurate with weapons such as his .270 caliber deer hunting rifle, but has a poor rate of fire since he refuses to put out his cigarette even during the Zombie Necropalypse.

Candi has poor accuracy and slow reload time, but she is very pretty.

Toby has average accuracy and reload time, but has a very high rate of fire. He reasons that the solution to the rise of the walking dead is simply a matter of putting enough lead in the air.

Oma is the deadliest of the survivors. She's a grandmother of eight and a great-grandmother of four. She has nearly perfect accuracy and good reload time, having lived in Texas all of her life. She's seen worse than "this whole livin' dead thing" and she knows everything will turn out fine in the end.

Guide the survivors to scavenge the wreckage of the town by day for additional resources such as guns or bombs, or instead spend daylight hours improving your survivors' defensive positions. But when the sun goes down the Horde awakes, so at night there is only Zombie Defense!
02-21-2010, 03:55 PM
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Looks nice. I think I'll get it.

02-21-2010, 04:16 PM
It's very very good. I just got swarmed on night 7.
02-21-2010, 11:06 PM
Creepy game - very cool.

Dewd, the zombies are eating my brains. I can't get past the third night! wtf??? Cool game, though.
02-21-2010, 11:08 PM
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I like this a lot. There seems to be many different strategies you can try. Somebody help me get past night six!
02-21-2010, 11:17 PM
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Please stop it with the shill posts. You've set yourself enough of a handicap by making a game with zombies in it.
02-21-2010, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by kensusername View Post
Dewd, the zombies are eating my brains. I can't get past the third night! wtf??? Cool game, though.
Hi, are you the dev? Just asking because I closed your thread about the game. But I can open that one and close this one instead if you like. PM me

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02-21-2010, 11:44 PM
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In case anybody is wondering, the "FREE" part is only one night of play, which translates to about 5 minutes worth of play time. The full game (an additional 19 nights) can be purchased for $1.99.

The few minutes that the game lasted was kind of fun. You arm your 4 people. Then you place your people on the map, along with various other helpful items, like barriers to help direct the zombies, and bombs to blow them up.

Once you've placed your people and items, you basically just sit back and watch the action. If you've placed things strategically, then your people will kill the zombies. If not, then the zombies will get to your people and kill them. It's a different twist on the tower defense genre.

It's really hard to decide whether to buy based on just one night worth of play. I think I'll wait for more impressions before deciding if I'll take the plunge.

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02-22-2010, 10:21 AM
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I guess I've TOFTT'd since no one else seems to have posted something believable (except CzarCastic). =)
Overall I think it's worth the $2. There's a ton of strategy in here and a massive level of challenge. It basically borrows heavily from 'The Last Stand' and adds an open-path TD with 4 'towers', those being the 4 characters. The key thing here is at the beginning of any level you can completely reorganize your barrier layout and position the characters anywhere on the map which adds hugely to the strategy factor as each one has different strengths/weaknesses that you have to cater to for success. There are a ton of maps that you can flip back and forth between strategically (the longer you stay on 1 map the more zombies you attract). The graphics and audio are excellent though I wish the sprites where just a hair bit larger so I could better appreciate all the detail.

The major thing I'd like to see added after a few hours of play is some RPG-lite elements to improve your characters in small ways (example make Candi more accurate or Zed a specialist in handguns). Also I'd really like to see more 'fun stats' beyond the base total # zombies killed, for example break it down by kills per character so you get a sense of their 'veteran' status. Such things create attachment to your little NPC's and make the game all that much more absorbing.

At any rate, this game really is good so never mind the potential shills; if you like Last Stand, open path TD's and zombies in general, you'll dig it.

EDIT - There are in total 10 maps. I've played a good bit more and have a couple other points to make in case the dev really is here and might ever update the game.

-need an ingame indicator letting you know when you've built a path that has no opening as it's not always obvious from the isometric view and can lead to a frustrating early termination to a good game you might have had going.
-would be great to be able to have each character direct fire to certain general spots as needed instead of what appears to be just whatever's on top of them and/or the lead zombie; this would greatly enhance the strategic element of placing your characters.

EDIT - oh and WTF how bout some stats on each weapon such as damage, ammo capacity etc.

Ok now I've spoken my peace about this game.

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02-22-2010, 02:34 PM
Those are great suggestions, deckard. We're definitely planning an update and will try to incorporate as much of your feedback as possible. Individually:

1. Indicating when a path is blocked - yes, we will definitely include this.
2. Stats on weapons, ammo - will almost certainly include this, at the very least in the help if nothing else. In the meantime, I can post some info here if you want it.
3. Direct fire for each character - this is a very good idea and we actually had this for a short while during development. We're thinking about how to bring it back without making it an accidental pain in the butt for the player. Would you want to designate specific zombies as the target, or would you be content with only aiming at specific areas and making the survivor prioritize anything in the target area above other targets?
4. More stats - we will definitely include more stats. We are looking closely at what it would take to do some OpenFeint integration, too, so that your stats would be posted and laddered for sharing, etc. I don't think that will make it into the 1st update, but don't know for sure yet.
5. RPG-Lite - this is a very good idea. I don't think we'll have time to do it in the 1st update, but we will definitely look at it. If everything else moves quickly, then we will try to include it. Otherwise, it might have to wait for the 2nd update.

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to post suggestions like these - it's very much appreciated and we'll use them to improve the game!