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Appstore Stars. most productive apps!

02-21-2010, 12:03 PM
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Appstore Stars. most productive apps!

what i mean by appstore ''stars'' are the apps that do things that the iphone only can do. or either make the iphone do things its not supposed to do. this is a list for those. also this is based on my experience in the appstore, so if you think there's an app that should be here or not, please reply.

this app is great, its a full fledged piano app. with features that make it playable for anyone, for example : you can adjust how many keys you want on the screen, you cam make it from a minimum of 8 keys to 15, also, you can turn on 'dual keyboard' feature so you can have two rows of keys, with a maximum of 30 keys on one screen. and you can put marks on keys, and go back and forth through the octaves easily thanks to the arrows that skip one key, or the arrow that skips a whole octave, its very simple and elegantly positioned. and it has soft key and sustain key adjustments, and one of the best features that makes this app the best of all piano apps is : it has multiple recording of all the keys in normal and levels of soft and sustain, so it doesnt have the clunky repeating sounds of most digital pianos and so it can sound very natural. i find playing this piano very fun! and great if you want to practice piano if you happen to be away from your real piano.
this app isnt as good as pianist, in fact. its quit average, but what makes it worth mentioning is that it has 'songs' you can play to and learn on it. i use this with pianist actually. i learn songs on fingerpiano, then i play songs on pianist then record them. its a good piano app, but its small keys and repeating sounds make it lag behind Pianist. still worth a mention.

do you have a headache? there's an app for that! seriously, i bet people think this is a joke but its not. this app follows the chinese acupuncture methods, in a away, you use the iphones corner (or just your finger ) to put pressure on points of your body to tend to the type of headache you have. i tried this on my self and others and it worked! you just have to apply pressure thoroughly, and on the right spot. as detailed in the applications 3D diagram. truly. its amazing to use my phone to cure headaches. and this just doesnt barely work, it works perfectly! and ive noticed that im having fewer headaches now, its the first and best real medical app.

im not gonna talk about this much, this app was mentioned in apple's commercials a few times. anyway. there is no better reading experience on the iphone. or on any device for that matter! self explanatory nuff said. btw my favorite book is 'the art of war' by sun tsu, whats yours?

this app is old, and well know. but still worth mentioning because its amazing, anyone who doesnt have shazam, should go get it now.

Sketches 2.
the fullest sketching app on any mobile device! this app is great, it has zooming,colors,backgrounds,opacity,shapes,stickers ,maps,text,and more i forgot!
i remember i saw this shop clerk whos showcasing a touch screen computer to some people, he started microsoft paint and started doodling, it was laggy. i came by and started doing the same thing on my iphone! and the i started changing shapes and zooming and opacity, it was ownage! what i mean is that this app is full featured and easy to use, i recommend it.

thanks sk8erdude50 for this,now this app is incredibly productive! literally, you can use the iphone as a guitar. it works perfectly, but it does have a few issues. the usability is hard, you have to know guitar notes and such, and its not exactly a virtual guitar. it doesn't display a full guitar for you to play like other apps. what it does is, it puts guitar notes for you to strum or pick, that way its easier. but if your gonna do your own song, you have to be knowledgeable about the guitar. if not, then they have this feature called airplay. you can download pre-made guitar notes or ''songs'' to your playlist, it also shows you how to play it. very useful. if you like guitars or want to get one, he it is. and its only for 4,99$. seriously. you get thousands of dollar worth of equipment for only 5 bucks! its a steal.
this app is also very polished, its mainly an acoustic guitar, but it does have electric ones too, but ishred's are better. anyway, this gives you a virtual guitar to use, either by strumming or hammer on, and you can adjust the frets or pan through them, its very customizable. and you can record songs and such, its mainly if you want an acoustic guitar for practice or to fiddle, you cant take this one as serious as ishred. but still a worthy mention.

thanks Fruho for reminding me,this game is a physics swinging game with innovative and unique controls,thats all i can say really... this game made me speechless. great levels,music,characters,gameplay, and most importantly the controls that make playing this game as smooth as butter, and as fun as toest! see? they go well together! anyway. this game deserves its own genre as its that different.

i need not speak about this game much, its been featured in ads and is quit old, but damn well its worth mentioning here, i remember the time i got addicted to this, was playing it for hours! trying to unlock new boards, i cant wait till illusion labs makes this for the iPad, its ideal. the bigger screen means that you can see the park. instead of memorizing... but still, they fixed that with something called 'markers', you mark an area on the park and keep restarting from it if you want, instead of manually maneuvering your skate back to place, which is very annoying. anyway, this game also deserves its own genre. i mean, what is its genre anyway? it really needs its own. as it doesn't apply to any of the others. oh i know. hoe about : ''iphone'' genre? yep! that works.

if you want to know more about these apps, the Google is your friend! it will help you!
thats it for now, tell me what you think. and if you think there are any apps that should be on this list, comment

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02-21-2010, 12:31 PM
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It is the best and coolest full-functioning guitar app I have ever seen on a portable device. You can play some of the hardest solos or songs on that thing.

My favorite game is doodle army, so check out the awesome game's twitter

02-21-2010, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by sk8erdude50 View Post
It is the best and coolest full-functioning guitar app I have ever seen on a portable device. You can play some of the hardest solos or songs on that thing.
ill check it out! thanks.
02-21-2010, 02:12 PM
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I just got an app called Level Up! You set your skills (writing, drawing, studying, etc) and you record how many hours you put into it. You gain a level in that skill for every 10 hours. It's pretty much just a motivational tool. It is also pretty cool for keeping track of what you've done.
02-21-2010, 04:50 PM
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all illusion lab games in general would only be profitable on a platform like the idevice. touchgrind and sway are impossible to be replicated on any other console
also slingplayer.....the most revolutionary app ever, letting u watch TV on ur phone.....unbelievable.....
02-21-2010, 07:12 PM
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Space Miner FTW!
Then Heavy Mach 2, Cydonia, NFS-Shift, Across Age, Inotia 2, and Joyride.

Non-game apps I use the most would probably have to be Jaadu VNC. I use it on my 3GS to remote into my home laptop when I'm on the road. And Jaadu RDP and iSSH to remote into clients' servers on the road as well. Softphone to get into the phone server at work and to test clients' SIP servers. Then Navigon for navigation.
02-21-2010, 07:32 PM
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200 Great Books
(from BeamitDown Software, since they're always changing the name)
I like this app much better than Classics. Classics looks nice and pretty, but 200 Great Books is much more functional. Lots of customization, tons of books, but the thing that makes this the best book app is the "iFlow reader" which automatically scrolls the text faster or slower based on how you tilt your device. Really useful, since the iphone/ipod screen is so small and you don't have to swipe to turn the page every 3 seconds. There's also a whole bunch of free apps by them so you can try out the reader for free