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Site Feedback

02-22-2010, 01:24 AM
Joined: Aug 2009
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Site Feedback

I don't presume to be an expert but heres some feedback..........

toucharcade mobile web app like appleinsider's iphone web app for instance
-and how about some MP4/quicktime streaming?
-can you admod or throw up an advert within a quicktime/MP4 stream?

bottom toolbar/tabs could be? (from left to right)
-next page

forum thoughts........................................
-could be done same way as blog posts right?
-like the index in a list same way as a blog post
-then all the threads will be listed with poster & views if possible in the list
-and the thread is essentially presented similar to how blog posts are presented in the appleinsider
-and of course having the option of replying/commenting in the web app too

native iphone app would be sweet......

podcast thoughts..........................
-need intro video
-edit in video clips and slides relevant to the conversation
-include music & sound effects
-fade in audio from videos; where you can play around by emphasizing a point with random dialog from some of the cheesy in game trailers or in game cut scenes or by using sound effects
-get creative
-have an ending video that can show a few comments from users
-make sure to include some audience participation; like polls & answering user questions....stuff like that

I consult with the 7 sages
02-22-2010, 11:12 PM
Joined: Aug 2009
Posts: 501
why a native iDevice app?

-more advert revenue courtesy of admob
-push alerts DING
-you can opt into getting push alerts for replies to your comments
-fav threads, and/or user and get an alerts when a new comment is posted
-badges only; no pop ups no sounds or vibrateness

would it be worth it then


I consult with the 7 sages