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Review: Dungeoned

03-03-2010, 12:43 PM
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Review: Dungeoned

Dungeoned is a little puzzle-RPG made by Redshift, who made the wonderful turn-based RPG The Quest.

General Gameplay:

The goal of the game is to get enough coins to open up the exit. There are predictably a lot of things that would prevent you from doing so. Among them are the monsters (consisting of spiders, walking-eyeballs, trolls, and the like), traps, another little dungeon-crawler, and other doors.

The monsters will attack differently, with some from a distance, and others have to be in contact with you. There are several ways of dealing with them, firing various spells at them or running up and attacking them with your sword. If you let the monsters injure you too much you'll obviously die, but you can drink a healing potion before that happens.

The traps will kill you no matter what your health is. A lot of the traps can be deactivated, generally by sliding a box or boulder onto a lever, which is also how you'll open gates. This is where the puzzles come in, though you'll probably find they are pretty forgiving.

The other dungeon-crawler guy appears on some "2 player" levels, and he also has the goal of getting to the exit. If he gets enough coins, you won't be able to finish the level and will have to start over. He can be killed like the monsters.

As you progress, the excess gold you gather can be spent in the shop on a better sword, better armor, potions or spells.

General Complaints:

As much as I love this game, there are some improvements that could be made.

1.The pacing: I really appreciate the slow movement when I'm fighting a ton of monsters, or trying to kill the other guy, but when doing the puzzles it can be tedious. Why not have a fast forward button implemented a la a tower defense game?

2.Switching difficulties: For the purpose of writing this review, I tried it on both difficulties. However, when I switched, I lost 20 levels of progress. A warning about losing previous save data would've been nice.

3. Multiplayer: The levels with two characters would be a lot more enjoyable if there were actually two players.

Cute graphics
Addictive gameplay
Good sound effects
Fun puzzles
Open Feint integration
Good variety of spells and potions
Well implemented RPG elements
Nice variety of enemies

Pacing can get tedious
No way (that I know of) to switch difficulties without losing progress
Two player levels aren't terribly compelling

All in all, for $1 this is a must-have. Get it now.


iTunes link: Dungeoned
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If you have any questions/comments about this review, please contact me.

EDIT: The devs have added music! Upped to 8.5.

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