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App description: Ometti is a fast paced arcade game.

With Ometti, you will experience a lightening fast, wild game to challenge your brilliant mind and stimulate your fast moving fingers.

- Exciting game play with 4 speeds to challenge your abilities
- Fun game sounds
- Special Bonus Rounds
- High Score results

Touch an Ometti, and then touch a neighbor to swap their positions. Or to play faster, swipe your finger to slide an Ometti up/down or left/right. Make sequences of 3 or more identical Ometti to complete a match.
The Goal of each level is to make a match at each location on the board. You have 10 tries in each level to earn points, but after that, matches take points away from the total you have already earned. The timer is running! So move fast to ensure that at least one match is in place when the clock strikes. After one match has occurred at each location on the board, the current level is complete! The game ends when your score falls below zero, or when you fail to make a match. Various levels of Bonus Points are awarded for multiple matches. More matches per try earn greater bonuses! After completing multiple levels, a bonus game will appear.

The more levels you complete, the more changes you will have to play the Ometti Bonus Game. In the Bonus Game, you tilt the game side to side to help the Ometti move to avoid deadly falling fruit! The longer you survive, the more points you earn and the more fruit you have to avoid! Just don't get clobbered!

Ometti's exciting game play has four speed settings. The slower settings are perfect for new players to ramp up, or for advanced players to concentrate on creating the ultimate pattern of matches with super bonus points. Speed up the game to lightening speeds for wild challenges and crazy fast-flying Ometti.

Main Menu is localized into English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Japanese.

You will find a complete How To Play Ometti Manual and watch Ometti videos and more at http://www.uviiu.com.
03-31-2010, 10:10 PM
This Game is the one I play the most

I play it on the train or the bus with one thumb, it's fast and funny. The sounds rock, it starts out easy, but gets harder after every level. SOmetimes I just play on the easiest speed to see how many bonuses I rack up. The part where you have to avoid all the falling fruits is my favorite, I wish that was in a game by itself, too. Anyway, I recommend.