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Universe - open world/sci fi RPG game idea

03-05-2010, 06:30 PM
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Universe - open world/sci fi RPG game idea

sci fi open world/RPG game ideas

setting production value & story/lore aside for now

initial thoughts.................................
-character creation & development (with multiple species/types)
-2 classes that are opposed against each other (pirate/federation)
-buy/upgrade/customize ships
-explore space
-explore many many planets each representing a unique open world (albeit sectioned off into multiple parts)
-space combat
-ground combat

character creation thoughts..................

-each race/species has its own unique skills and attributes
-as you level up you gain new skills and attributes
-there is no inventory of items but you can upgrade your armor

GTA like "wanted levels"..........................

-if your a pirate class, when you obtain a wanted level; federation officers and/or the indigenous population will come after you

-if your a federation class the indigenous population and/or pirates will come after you

-a pirate class earns rep for getting wanted levels (well depending on the situation if you go around killing other pirates then it will actually negatively effect your rep and status within the pirate class)

-a federation class loses rank if you get wanted levels past a certain point (this will be indicated within the game). lose enough rank and you will eventually be kicked out of the federation and become a wanted criminal and then recruited as a pirate if you continue playing

decisions decisions decisions..................

as you play the game there will be all kinds of decisions and moral choices presented to you

such as:
-choose to do a mission or not
-complete or ignore certain optional mission objectives
-side quests/jobs that you choose to do, ignore or complete

these choices will effect:
-the story/events and how they unfold
-your status within your class
-and the types of missions, jobs, side quests that become available to you

game world design/layout...................................

-space; similar to the XBLA game Star Trek DAC

-planets/celestial objects; similar to the old school top down GTA games or the iphone GTV chinatown wars, but smaller with many exits and you can teleport to your ship which will be the world map at any time (unless you have a wanted level)

world map; think of a world map kinda like a castle crashers world map or like the old school mario maps where you can move from one point to the next where each point represents a level but in this case each point represents an open world area in which you can essentially just go from one area to another as in fast travel. also some areas are seamless as you can go from one area to the next without having to move on the world map where sometimes you have to move on the world map to get to another area

star map; the star map is the same concept as the world map but for space there will be multiple layers or levels that you can zoom in and out by pinching or tapping on a +/- button

-solar system map which will allow you to fast travel from planet to planet or other celestial object within solar system your in

-and the galaxy map which will allow you to travel from solar system to solar system within the same galaxy

-and last but not least the universe map which will allow you to travel from galaxy to galaxy by means of a Stargate or some similar concept

star gate concept............................

if your a federation class you can use the star gates (or whatever the concept will be) for free but sometimes they will be down for repair until you progress thru the story or complete a specific mission

if you a pirate class you will have to pay to use the star gates by bribing the operator or by buying a counterfeit Stargate pass after which stargate travel will be free but the passes are expensive


space; dual stick shooter

planets/celestial objects; a sort of hybrid between the GTA formula and a dual stick shooter formula


-as you level up within your class you will eventually be able to become a captain and hire/customize your own crew

-certain crew members can only be hired at specific levels in the class, or only at higher levels of your character, and only with specific types of ships ect

-you only control your character and never get to control your crew/party members

-some crew member only provide status or attribute bonuses to your ship

-some crew members will offer support in battle on the ground or in your ship but its all automatic only lasts for a few secs

-and some crew members will offer support in battle on the ground on in your ship by your command/input whenever you want them too, but there is a small charge time

more details will follow soon.......................

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03-05-2010, 07:35 PM
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So your planning to develop this? if it is as good as you just described it, I would pay 20$ for it... (maybe)

03-05-2010, 08:24 PM
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He's all talk no play (hoping a dev will use his ideas, I guess).
03-05-2010, 08:27 PM
I have a game idea:

It'll be a massive space RPG, I'll call it "Mass Effect" and develop it for the iPhone!

It'll have the best graphics ever (XBOX Quality) and the framerate will be perfect!

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Originally Posted by RyoHazuki View Post
It may strike you as disrespectful to ask questions, that's ok, it strikes me as stupid not to.
03-05-2010, 09:06 PM
check out Arcnebula, it sounds much more ambitious than this or warpgate


heres the thread in upcoming games:

03-05-2010, 11:47 PM
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a play on classes.......................
-they are not classes in the traditional sense
-the classes wouldnt provide unique abilities or skills
-but they would offer a unique experience
-meaning the world will treat you differently depending on what class you are
-different events, story, missions, jobs ect
-each class has unique benefits within the world and additional benefits depending on what rank you are within that class
-and of course i only want 2 classes that are opposed against each other
-and it doesn't have to be space pirates vs federation
-that was just an example to explain the duality of the classes

GTA/DSS hybrid gameplay thoughts..............................
-i dont exactly know what im getting at here (yet....)
-i def want to leverage the dual sticks in some way especially for combat
-wheel for navigation both on foot and in random vehicles
-maybe a button to holster/unholster weapon?
-if weapons are holstered the right virtual wheel can represent multiple actions as if the wheel itself was 4 buttons
-if weapons are ready and unholstered the wheel will just be aim/fire
-but other then that idk yet....

space ships...........................................
-a sci fi game like this is all about the space ships
-i want the players to be able to buy, steal, upgrade and customize their own ships
-the ship's level or stats will determine what kind of crew you can hire/recruit
-you can teleport to your ship anytime from the planet/celestial object (unless you have a wanted level)
-and i want gamers to feel like they have a space ship and be able to fly around in it but i dont want that to come off as a gimmick like it did in the first kingdom heart (gummie ship anyone?)
-this is where the missions/jobs/side quests will come into play; as there should be missions that take place in space so that will tie the space aspect more tightly into the overall game experience

still thinking about including an inventory & shops into the experience........
-i dont see any reason why it couldnt be done
-its just i originally wanted the experience to be more GTA w/character development like not really the typical RPG with items, equipment and whatnot -but now idk im sort of on the fence............

other modes.......................................
-def a VS mode
-and possibly additional modes that facilitate both competitive and cooperative multiplayer experiences

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03-06-2010, 12:22 AM
sounds ALOT like mass effect
03-06-2010, 12:41 AM
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@micgao; I appreciate your time and interest in my ideas. However what Kamazar said is true, these threads are in fact nothing more then brainstorming exercises. Right now all I got is my imagination and a HUGE interest to start a career in game development. anyways, thx for the props; much appreciated

@crj3803 i checked that archnebula site out but im not entirely sure what the gameplay will be like....any ideas?

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03-06-2010, 12:54 AM
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does mass effect have wanted levels? can you pilot or fight battles in the Normandy? can you customize the Normandy?

i mean im not going to lie i obviously took inspiration from many games here not just ONLY mass effect, but that doesn't mean i didn't put any thought/effort/time into this idea bomb...........

Brazilian Rider was just mocking me cuz he was in a bad mood i guess.....

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05-29-2010, 05:34 AM
it looks nice. but would like welcome any space RPG game that does almost the same as the game "Space Rangers 2: The Rise of Dominators".

I liked that game.