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App description: Balance Balls: One of the most difficult iPhone games you'll ever play!

Balance Balls puts your hand-eye coordination to the ULTIMATE test. It's a frustrating double balancing act. Gameplay is a combination of two tasks in one, either of which would be simple on its own. Use your finger to move left to right to keep a ball in the air, Breakout-style. The same finger movement also controls another, larger, ball on a tilting platform. Sounds Easy?

Can you get past the 40-second mark? Submit your score to the World leaderboard to see where you stand. Go ahead and try Balance Balls...it's FREE!

***Hints and Tips***

- You DO NOT need to touch the small platform in order to control it! Use the coffee cup area (bottom of the screen) to slide your finger left and right.
- Once you get a feel for the movements, you'll be averaging 30 seconds in no time.
- If you still need help, please watch the video:

Good Luck!

GamerGirl22's comments:
I just started playing this game called Balance Balls for iphone. It's a very simple but HARD game. I need to stress the HARD because it's REALLY hard. Difficulty level is = 10. You need to keep 2 balls balanced using your finger for as long as possible. It's quite addicting especially since there's an online leaderboard. I'm currently ranked #3 at 35.96 seconds

it's not one of those serious games but something to play while waiting in a line or something. anyways give it a try!

here's the itunes link, free game last time i checked.

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Zen Bound is hardest.

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Obvious shill.

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Originally Posted by SunriseMoon View Post
Obvious shill.

obvious shill is obvious

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This is a "That's what she said" joke waiting to happen.

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All games with dysfunctional controls or untested gamemechanics are hard to master. Mostly first person, mostly 3d.

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Nah. Eliss is definitely hardest, maybe Envirobear second.
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Originally Posted by funkynubman View Post
Nah. Eliss is definitely hardest, maybe Envirobear second.
agree with Eliss, space ninja was also really realy difficult
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Total shill. Game looks a bit dull anyway, but the shilling probably would have put me off even if I was interested.

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