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game development on ubuntu

03-08-2010, 04:49 AM
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game development on ubuntu

hello community,

I'm planing to have fun in my spare time with mobile game development. I don't have mac yet, waiting for the new iteration of pro's to come out. Meanwhile, I would like learn new things and then just jump into iphone's sdk.

So my question is... Are there any tools (apart from GNUStep) to have fun with open gl es 2.0 on linux platform?

Do you know some other solutions than iphone sdk for a guy like me allowing me to progress?
03-08-2010, 12:46 PM
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Being only on Linux it might be hard to do stuff, you could probably do some experiment with OpenGL (dunno if they are way you could try OpenGL ES which is a kind of strip down of the regular OpenGL). With the right gcc compiler you could also cross compile some stuff for ARM (I've done that for another gaming handheld called GP2X based on a ARM920).

But none of those thing will be able to run on the iPhone without going thru the SDK. Which in my opinion is quite important to learn.

If you have access to a Windows machine you could play around with the 3d game engine Unity which is also available for Mac and iPhone.

And another thing you could look at is Cocos2d which has been ported to the iPhone but run on Linux, OSX, Windows (you need to have Python install, but I guess with Ubuntu by default it must already be install ;-)).