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  • Publisher: tritoneTech
  • Genre: Kids
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 0.9 MB
  • Version: 1.1
  • Price: Free
  • Average User Rating:
    Not enough votes.
App description: Drag the leaves using your finger in order to put into the basket.
Score increases as you put the leaves into the basket.
As the time decreases the Level increases and leaves will fall with higher speed

prabhakar's comments:
Road Crossing - Vehicles will be passing in the road.All you have to do is to move maximum number of pedestrians from one end of the road to other end of the road in 60 seconds without colliding with any vehicles. !!!

Download Road Crossing Here

Shoot Ball - Shoot as many balls you can !!! Double tap the gun in order to shoot the the balls.Score increases as you shoot the balls.

Download Shoot Ball Here

Bike Riding - Well, that's a challenge. The biker drives against all odds and opposite to the direction of the traffic. You have to keep tilting your iphone to save collision. It's a fun helping the crazy biker go against all vehicles. Intriguing experience.

Download Bike Riding Here

Fighter Plane - If ever you dreamt of a third World War, then this is the perfect place you can have fun. Keep shaking the device to ensure that you don't end up disheartened. Fighter planes keep coming from both directions at a terrific speed with heavy bombings and Rockets. Avoid the rockets and make sure that you don't collide with enemy planes at any point of time. If it clashes, it shall explode and you no longer have fun.Go, enjoy!!!

Download Fighter Plane Here

Flower Grabber - Grab as many flowers as you can into the Basket !!! Avoid the Flower Bar getting into Zero !!! Enjoy the Exciting 3 levels !

Download Flower Grabber Here

Shark Attack - Its a accelerometer based game. Avoid the small fish getting eaten by Deadly Sharks. As the time increases number of Sharks increases. Enjoy !

Download Shark Attack Here

Man Vs Bee - Kill them and Save yourself. Be smart and play fast. The fastest shall be healthiest even in Challenging mode. If you are a beginner, you can start with easy mode and as you grow smarter you can play the medium, hard and Challenging Modes and keep yourself healthy and get the Plus sign on screen.Have Fun!!

Download Man Vs Bee Here

Rescue Bird - Its an Accelerometer based game. Avoid the fireballs to rescue the bird by tilting your iPhone. Difficulty increases as the time increases. Have fun !

Download Rescue Bird Here

Image Hosting - This Application is for uploading the images to your TwitPic account.

Download Image Hosting Here

Ramayan Toon - Shoot as many RAVAN balls you can !!! Double tap RAM in order to shoot the RAVAN Score increases as you shoot the RAVAN. Enjoy !!

Download Ramayan Toon Here

Western Basket Ball - Drag the ball inorder to move the ball into the basket.Score increases as you put the ball into the basket.Put as many balls you can into the basket to get highscore.Maximum time limit is 300 Seconds. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

Download Western Basked Ball Here

Rocket Launch - Game Instructions Tap as many rockets you can !!! Tap the rocket in order to crash the the rocket.Score increases as you tap the rockets.Speed of the rocket depends on LEVEL SELECTION. You can select the difficulty level in OPTIONS section. Enjoy !!!

Download Rocket Launch Here

Yogasanas - This application is for all the fans of Yoga. It contains Suryanamaskara, Pranayama and other asanas.

Download Yogasanas Here

Helicopter - Aim of the game is to avoid the obstacles on the way. Keep on taping the helicopter to fly, and avoid the mountains and fire. Enjoy the Game !

Download Helicopter Here

Butterfly Hunting - Butterflies will fly in the air. Try to catch them as they fall by tapping on it. Enjoy.

Download Butterfly Hunting Here

Ball Game - This is a simple game, you play as a round red ball, and your only goal is to avoid the red balls colliding with other balls. The game gets harder and harder as you go.

Download Ball Game Here

Balloon Shoot - Shoot as many balloons you can !!! Double tap the gun in order to shoot the the balloon.Score increases as you shoot the balloons. Enjoy !!!

Download Balloon Shoot Here

Leaf Grabber - Drag as many leaves you can !!! Drag the leaves using your finger in order to put into the basket.

Download Leaf Grabber Here

Egg Collect - Collect as many eggs you can !!! You can move the bucket in order to collect the Eggs.Score increases as you collect the eggs. Enjoy !!!

Download Egg Collect Here

Millionaire Game - This Game is similar to the popular TV show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". Scroll the questions in order to go to the next series of questions. Prize money will increase as you answer the questions. Answer all the 15 questions to become a millionaire.

Download Millionaire Game Here

Cheetahs Prey - Rescue the Deer by shooting the deadly Cheetah before time runs out ! Be careful do not shoot the Deer and also limited Bullets are available !!! Enjoy !

Download Cheetahs Prey Here

Alien Attack - Your ultimate goal is to kill the alien.Scroll the gun to change the position.Tap the gun to shoot the alien.Avoid the rays emitting from the alien or else your health decreases.

Download Alien Attack Here
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wtf is all of this?

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wtf is all of this?
Exactly what I was wondering..Is it a shill? Is it spamming? I have no idea.
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Cool. Now go away

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