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App description: A puzzle game that dances at your fingertips.
The name of this new sensation is Aqua Orb.

Its very easy to play. How about giving it a try?


Slide to Line up Orbs, Double Tap to Clear!

1)Orbs of various colors fill the screen.
Simply slide them vertically or horizontally to line up three or more of the same color.

2)Once three or more Orbs are connected, they will be placed in Hold State.
From there, you may clear them by double tapping.

3)You can connect even more Orbs vertically or horizontally to a group of held Orbs.
Hold many Orbs and clear them all at once for big points.

About the Time Gauge and Bonus Time!

The Time Gauge displayed at the bottom of the screen gradually decreases with the passing of time, but can be restored by clearing Orbs.

Careful if you mistakenly move an orb where its color does not match,
your time gauge will be decreased.

When a Sunshine Orb appears, its your chance to score bonus points!
Connect and clear Orbs as fast as you can.
However, if you clear an Orb connected to the Sunshine Orb, the Sunshine Orb will be consumed.


Sound effects may be switched on or off during play, and you may also listen to your favorite songs while you play.
A digital clock display can be switched on or off at startup. Players will be delighted by background art and special effects during play.
The game may be paused during play.
You can record your high scores.
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Graphics look nice