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App description: Explore the wastelands of BioDefense in this unique release from Dohi Entertainment that will revolutionize strategy games on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

BioDefense is a real-time strategy game where you're defending your base against waves of relentless zombies. Build your defenses well and expand your base into the pitch-black wastelands in the hunt for more resources. Beware of different enemy behavior and adapt your tactics or be overrun in the mayhem.

How long will you survive the zombie outbreak?

Key Features:

- Unique Mix of RTS and TD
- Play endless Survival Mode to unlock more content
- 10 Missions provides fast challenges
- 6 Unique Enemy Types with different behavior
- Large waves of attacking enemies
- Research Tech and upgrade your buildings
- Unlock Missions and Enemy info
- 25 OpenFeint Achievements
- Compete on OpenFeint Leaderboards


Entry 1124. A comet hits earth.

Entry 2345. Debris clouds blocks sunlight.

Entry 3638. Meteors rains down everywhere.

Entry 4563. Toxium is discovered in impact pools.

Entry 5342. Toxium is collected and used as energy source.

Entry 6125. Toxium exposure leads to zombification and mutation.

Entry 7354. Zombie outbreak containment has failed.

Entry 8832. Hostiles detected at base perimeter.

Entry 9002. Connection lost...



Touch Arcade: "Redefining Survival Gameplay" - "Youll discover a frantic exercise in survival unlike anything youve ever played before"

Appolicious: "An RTS iPhone game thats tough to put down" - "It hadnt occurred to me until playing the BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak iPhone game for the first time, but real-time strategy games are perfect as iPhone games"

Pocket Gamer: "BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak remains an engrossing addition to the bulging tower defence genre" - "It emerges feeling simultaneously familiar and new"

CharacterArcade: "The vibrant sprites may get overlooked do to the larger playing area in this TD game, but you'll be too busy delighting in the massacre of hundreds of zombies to care"

AppSpy: "Striking a balance between simplicity and strategy isn't easy, but BioDefense is well considered" - "There's enough fun and replay value for even a hardened tower defense fan to enjoy"

PhoneBlog: "BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak has possibly the most addictive tower defense survival mode I've ever played on any mobile platform. You can't help but love it."

Appmodo: "Overall, the game is very addicting" - "BioDefense has definitely taken over my favorite game and has been moved to the first page of apps."

TouchGen: "A great game combining a user friendly interface, precise touch controls, frantic battles and great presentation." It caters both to the casual RTS gamer, and the hardcore TD fanatic. It gets my total recommendation."

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Artfoundry's comments:
I tried the lite version - it's pretty cool. It's basically like a cross between an RTS (it has resource management) and a TD/CD game. Great polish to it.

03-10-2010, 02:13 AM
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Looks interesting.

03-10-2010, 03:08 AM
Joined: Mar 2009
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Cool Game

Originally Posted by sleb View Post
Looks interesting.
Just short impressions after having played for about 10 Minutes:

+ Very good interface
+ Nice mixture of TD and RTS (Upgrades for towers, gaining ressources etc.)
+ For me it feels very "C&C"ish...
+ Love the "zombie"-theme
+ nice graphics

Of course I can't say much about how many hours of gameplay teher are, but the game is very polished, with a nice intro - and as I said, a very clean and easy to understand interface.

No "-" yet, except the pricetag is a bit high and I don't know yet, how many weapons there are. But after trying the lite version I knew I'd love it. Definitly give it a try! Off to work. I'll post more impressions later.
03-10-2010, 03:23 AM
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2.99 is a bit high? Something less than satisfactory?
03-10-2010, 03:32 AM
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there is a lite version now..... hopefully that will show enuff of the gameplay to see if 2.99 is justified... DL now.. will review in a bit..
03-10-2010, 04:24 AM
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ok... i've played 3 levels....

its a tower defense/rts/action/resource game..

the battle field is all dark... so your main objective is to light it up.... anything that isn't lit, zombies can swarm, and you can't fight back..

after you light, you need to get your guns up... the you need your generator up so you can keep going.

more guns, spaced all around your central hub..

all the while zombies are coming and destroying your lights, amongst other things. it's pretty hairy, things get complicated fast.

try the lite version first, to see if it's your bag...

it's different from other games i've played, and i like it right now... but i still need to play more of it... there are subtle nuances to the entire game, and that is the key to winning the round...

one good thing, there are no troops on your side... your guns, and your rockets would be your troops methinks.

so far, i give it a sold A...
03-10-2010, 04:35 AM
Joined: Jul 2008
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one thing that isnt on this game that knocks it down from the A i just gave it to a B, is there is no pinch and zoom function.... so you can't see whats going on without scrolling around, and that leaves open time for others to attack while your working on one side...

there is a voice that says 'zombies coming from norht/south/west/east' but what is really needed is to be able to zoom in and out so you can see the entire playfield at once....

it's frustrating cuase you can't just sit and hope your guns are taking care of things on the south, you have to constanly move around, and that wastes time for managing your resources and putting out more ammo, and lights (which the zombies ALWAYS destroy right up front)

so, the game is a straigh B.... it needs zooming in/out... plus a way to get more points quiker to build guns when you need them... in the middle of a battle waiting for points to get up to 15 or even 30 for the rocket makes the dif if you can win the game or massive FAIL.

i REALLY want to buy this game, but at 2.99 and with the problems i posted, i will wait until they update the game, and i recommend other do the same...

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03-10-2010, 05:24 AM
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Launch Trailer


I work at Resolution and we really appreciate all the feedback we get from you guys.

Check out the awesome launch trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLaEPJfuQs8

Resolution Interactive
03-10-2010, 07:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Patrik View Post

I work at Resolution and we really appreciate all the feedback we get from you guys.

Check out the awesome launch trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLaEPJfuQs8
patrik, i really hope you are taking in to account what i and others have posted... i really want to get this game! it's absolutely fun.. it really is; there are just some glaring problems that make this otherwise fun as fcuk game, into a frustrating experience.

so to break it down one more time..

1. way to get points faster

2. i think the zombies move to fast, for zombies... slow them down, or have a mixture of slow fast. i noticed that the guns focus on one zombie at a time, so if 10 are swarming your guns and lights... well, its, as the pun goes, lights out.

3. zooming in and out so you can see what is going on all over the game field at once.... and possibly some sort of arrows that point to were the action is going on... like for instance a blue arrow for the most action of zombies attacking, red for the least, yellow for medium, and white for your guns are taking care of bizz-ness... basically visual clues so you don't have to endlessly scroll all over to make sure your guns and lights and the zombies are all being taking care of...

4. some form of upgrade for the lights that maybe blind or stun or even be able to kill zombies.... its frustrating cause thats the fiirst thing the go after.. and then the guns... so defensive upgrades that are zombie proof.

5. how about a roving gun that circles in a perimeter that also takes care of gunning down zombies... more money makes the perimeter larger..

6. how about a rotating rocket/laser defense that sits on top of the base that can do long range zombie hunting? that would be sick!!!! it couldn't do low range, so it would only be good outside of predetermined circle. that means you have to light up a massive amount of the playing field for it to work.

7. possibly a mapping system that overlays your main base so you can put lights, guns, power units, ect in a specific order.... you can also turn it off so you can just wing it yourself... of course, using this mapping system will take you off the leader boards... its more of a teaching tool, so you can learn how to accommodate your assets in the right places..

im just thinking out loud here... these are just some ideas...

also, the zombie graphics seem a bit generic...
03-10-2010, 07:29 AM
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Youtube link | Pop Up

Originally Posted by sizzlakalonji View Post
I don't want to alarm anyone, but I just played this, felt a tingle, rushed to the bathroom, and urinated rainbows and glitter.
Originally Posted by sammysin View Post
Yesss, I'm off for a leak to see if the same happens for me.