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Looking for Help with Web App

03-15-2010, 10:05 PM
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Looking for Help with Web App


I'm currently working on a Web App, that is still in Alpha (V0.5.3) This is a fairly simple web app, nothing big but it offers great videos, tutorials, some simple games and much more. You can go to it here: http://jsappsinc.exofire.net/WebApp/ Make sure you capitalize the W and the A in Web App.

If you would like to help writing guides, making simple games with programs like Adventure Maker or submitting videos please PM me or contact me at jsappsinc@gmail.com. You will get credited for all your work!

Please no more than constructive criticism yet, as it is still in alpha.

03-16-2010, 01:17 AM
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web app concept: Game Companion......................

I like to think of this concept as a digital walk through magazine; sort of like an online FAQ/walkthrough yet optimized for "mobile" use. It also cold perhaps aggregate news about the game, and a offer a community and/or 3rd party social network integration (fb, myspace, twitter, forum/blogs) all at the same time.

initial thoughts:
-powerful search within the webapp/site; for content (FF 7) and pieces of that content (FF 7 weapon list)
-employ hardcore SEO techniques for everything all focused on showing up more prominently in results of search queries that come from mobile devices
-mobile optimized; this means building and presenting the content differently not in line content but rather a collection of rich instructions, lists, and interactive images and videos
-for instance; like tagging text and content to interactive images like a map of FF7 tap on the areas to get details about enemies in that area, or a town and get details about the shops theres, ect
-for an efficient game companion especially on a mobile device dont just write a paragraph of text that says go "left, go right, no wait turn around you went the wrong way" jk jk but still for directions from point A to point B wouldn't a slideshow be nice? or better yet a video?
-organize and provide information like advice and suggestions relevant to a gamers location and/or progress in the game

user experience flow chart/example:

FF7 web app.......
-reviews; link to blog, site and video reviews
-wiki (links to game wiki)
-news aggregate (RSS, forums, sponsored partnerships)
-community "join the discussion" (twitter hastags, list of top 10 most active discussion threads across multiple forums/blogs/sites, facebook official fanpage and group
-*walkthru a fully detailed walkthru and a spoiler free one
-guides (emerald, ruby, chocobo breeding guides, money & EXP guides)
-lists (weapon lists, material lists, shop lists, item lists, equipment lists)

*the walktru flows like this:
-TOC and legend 2 views
-1. chapter list portrait with legend
-2. landscape mode you can have a slide show, each slide will represent a chapter (with icons)
-on each slide a series of images can be shown fade in and out so that a gamer can look at the images to relate where they are in the game and go from there
-tapping on the list or any of the slides will bring you to content of the walkthru
-the legend will show icons that represent alerts or tip & suggestions some of them may link to other content
-these alert icons are suppose to tip off the gamer that hey heres the perfect opportunity to level grind or start a side quest, get prepared ect

*walkthru content:
-image that represents the atmosphere or the glory? of where the gamer is in the game
-show alert icons that where explained in the legend
-link icons like a map link, side quest link ect
-expandable sections and links
-random ideas: "be prepared" list of equipment/items you might want to have on hand, "explorer" items/treasure you can find, enemies a list of monsters that you will fight in this area ect
-sections should be expandedable and collapsable in line with rest of content

operation challenges:
-most of the content you will link to or aggregate so you will not need a huge staff
-the only thing you need to focus on is building walkthrus or rather organizing all of the content
-you can easily build the walkthrus out of content that is readily available but you must proof read and edit this content give credit to author (reference) and link to the sources
-and of course create your own content
-you will also want to ensure that its easy for users to build and create these walkthrus on desktop
-implement ranking system like a prestige badge for users who submit legit walkthrus and an anti prestige badge for users who submit false, un-professional and/or fake information/content
-implement a way for users to vote up or down reviews, news, community alerts, and walktrus

-mobile ads of course
-you can also dev native apps for the more popular games and sell them for 99cents i think i saw a MW2 companion app being sold in the app store not to long ago

overall vision:
i stated mobile because being a webapp you can deploy/optimize the app for all mobile platforms

also keep in mind that the new Winmo7 series phone is going to become more intimate with the XB360 but most importantly the XBL network, yea they are promoting this feature with arcade games that are seamless cross platform but i think the killer app for that kinda functionality (in addition to games) would be smart game companions that "knows" where your at in the game and is more interactive and rich content possibly even be a sub controller. I wonder how ridiculously cool and profitable something like that would be?

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