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App description: "Zoom Jump is an ok game" - appmodo.com review

My Game development blog.

Zoom Jump is now a FREE game.

Take part in a game as soothing as it is visually exciting, bunny hop or make great leaps toward success and surprises in this addictive platformer..

you take control of a common everyday stickfigure, who finds himself in a unlucky position, having to walk on a street in springtime in the opposite direction of traffic.. and as he's a stickfigure and can't navigate 3d worlds easily he must make his way to his destination by jumping over the obstacles in his way.

Where is he going? Who knows but he needs your help getting there!


Designed with the iPod/iPhone platforms in mind the controls are simple yet difficult to master..

you TAP and HOLD the screen to ZOOM in the more you ZOOM in the higher you will jump when you RELEASE.

The more you ZOOM in the higher you JUMP.. hence Zoom Jump

* Relaxing / Chillout Music
Power Ups
Bunny Hopping
and more!!

Enjoy! I hope you all have as much fun playing this as I did making it.

And thanks to Ashley Woodruff for Composing all of the Music and Sound Effects.

also you can visit my game diary at.


AnthonyL's comments:

I've released a game called zoom jump..

right now it only contains 1 world (spring) but that should be changing as well as quite a bit of other things in the near future..

if you end up with it on your ipod/iphone hope you enjoy it (and the music!). and if you don't .. I hope you will enjoy it after some updates ..

there's a lot I've been wanting to add.. but time/life in general lately has wearing me down so I've opted to release the one world and update as often as possible.

if your interested in a promo code or two I've got 40 left.

here's a link (warning this link will try to open up itunes)

03-18-2010, 07:05 PM
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btw there are some free promo codes for the game in this thread.