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New Game from Trickshot! Plus a contest!

03-19-2010, 02:32 PM
New Game from Trickshot! Plus a contest!

Hey all,
Since this is both a preview announcement and a contest, I didn't know which area I should put this in.

I know I rarely post here (more of a lurker) but a friend and I have been slaving for six months on this new game that we've tentatively called Mouse Madness.

I've come from working in the games industry as an artist for six years, and working on your own thing is quite different.

We've ambitiously done a lot of crazy stuff, including the ability to load over two hundred mouse sprites on screen without too noticeable of a frame drop. We've revamped Cocos2D's sound engine, and even made our own custom image format for incredibly fast loading. All this crazy stuff we've done is starting to show a pretty darn polished game.

So we recently put up a press release of our title, but we are looking to other people to contribute a little bit by helping us with brainstorming a name for our game.

Details of the contest and prizes, and submissions are here:

To get you guys (hopefully) interested, here are a couple of screen shots (more shots on the site)

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04-02-2010, 05:49 PM

We've finally chosen our game name! I was gonna post about it last week, but I thought it would be better to actually finalize the title art before announcing it.

Thanks everyone that participated!

Source article here: