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#2 Horse Racing Game in App Store
#1 Casino, #4 Racing in UAE
#5 Casino, Hong Kong
#17 Casino, Japan, #18 United Kingdom
#21 Casino, United States
Recent Reviews:
iTracki: "iDerby is definitely the best horse racing game that is available on the AppStore."

AppSafari: "iDerby has got to be the sharpest, most elegant, thoroughbred horse racing iPhone gaming app."

AppModo: "The gameplay really immerses you in the racing action and makes you a part of the race..."

AppStorm: "...comes highly recommended to just about anyone who likes racing style games."

iDerby is the premiere interactive Thoroughbred horse racing application in mobile gaming. Unlike most horse racing applications, you control the action from start to finish. MULTIPLAYER mode offers you the opportunity to race against other iDerby users throughout the world.


- Quick Race Mode: jump right into the racing action.
- Interactive Controls: YOU control your horse's action and energy level via "Whip" and "Hold" controls. You also control your horse's track position with the iPhone's accelerometer: tilt your device up or down to navigate throughout the race.
- Career Mode: create a stable of up to three horses. Compete in up to 30 "Cup" events and track your horses' achievements.
- MULTIPLAYER Mode: the first of its kind in mobile horse racing. Compete in real-time races with competitors from around the world.
- Multiple Running Styles: Three unique running styles of horses; find out which style fits best for you.
- OpenFeint Integration: Earn achievements when you play the game.

Visit iDerby's website at www.iderbygame.com.

iDerby is inspired by horse racing video game fan favorites over the years, including Derby Owners Club, Gallop Racer, Breeders' Cup Tournament Edition and more.

About Horse Racing:
Thoroughbred horse racing is the most attended spectator sport in the world, with an estimated 200+ million people attending horse racing events per year worldwide. Popular events and venues include the Kentucky Derby and Breeders' Cup World Championships in the United States; Royal Ascot in the United Kingdom; the Melbourne Cup in Australia; Dubai World Cup in the UAE and the Japan Cup in Japan.
03-21-2010, 08:46 PM
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This game looks awesome, I'm sure if it has a decent ammount of depth it'll be a good seller

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03-21-2010, 09:37 PM
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Game Impressions

Holy horse poop!

This game is cool! Firstly, let me get it out of the way; I was able to pick a Zebra for my career horse Theres also a pink one.

Beyond that, this has all the flair and culture I'd hope for from a derby competition game. The menus and selection screens are intuitive and let you easily set-up a single race, career mode or you can take one of your 3 allowed horses ONLINE! there was yet to be any competition online, but I didn't expect any 20 minutes after release

Career races are set up to unlock one set after winning cups (top 3 spots) in the previous set. The game supplies the characteristics of your horse so pay attention to his stats, they are actually affected by how well you know their preferences while racing. Awesome! My first race and I placed 3rd so no immense or extreme difficulty. My second race I've played twice (cool that you can replay them, I imagine it subtracts from your horses 32 career race span) I came in 9th the first time and 5th the second. So, Its not too easy either. Seems the developers did a great job of balancing the opponent AI.

I'll have more feedback later, when I've got more than 3 races as a jockey oh there's several outfit designs to customize your jockey so you'll be stylistically in sync with your pink companion.


btw, this game is Open Feint enabled, just Achievements as of now. I would love to see the career mode worked in to some form of leaderboard(s) since the framework is already implemented. Not absolutely necassary, but it would be a nice addition

the more I play I think your total money earnings should be one leaderboard and undoubtedly alot of work to intergrate, but would give this game UNLIMITED replay value; a seperate leaderboard for each cup race! The rest of the game, for me, is absolutely superb. Since I'm sure you all will eventually put leaderboards in, please bump them up to the first priority.

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03-21-2010, 10:54 PM
hahha,horse racing Leet,just ride and catch up!I got pwnt!
03-22-2010, 12:27 AM
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Game Impressions

I was super excited when I saw this, as I definitely have a weakness for horseracing games. Played it for a couple of hours, completed the career mode with one horse and played around with a few others to test the different racing styles.

Overall, I'd have to say I'm disappointed. However, there's definite potential here.

First off, this isn't a racing simulation. The races aren't run realistically, the horses don't behave the way they would in a real race. As the jockey, you don't have to worry about things like pace, or positioning, or precisely timing your run. You don't get to urge your horse along slightly by riding "hands and heels," there are no subtle adjustments to speed. You either hit with the whip or pull your horse back. Or simply let it run along. Stamina isn't a precious commodity - unlike real horses which normally need to be saved up for one run, here, you can blow your stamina completely a number of times throughout the race and still have ample opportunities to regain it before the final run home.

Think of it as an arcade game based on racing - as opposed to a horseracing game - and you're close to what is being offered.

Now, in and of itself, that is not necessarily a bad thing. It can definitely work and still make for a fun racing experience. And to a certain extent, it does. However there are a number of issues which need addressing:

In the beginning, and by that I mean a good first dozen or more races in career mode (out of a total of 32), the game is ridiculously easy. In the first two "circuits" I was able to win every race easily simply by steering my horse around the track. I did not need to use the whip once.

There is only one (ONE) distance that all 32 races are run over. This is just strange, as it would take minimal effort on the devs' part to simply reposition the start of a race, (the track is oval and viewed from above so fairly featureless graphically) to allow to run some sprint, middle, and staying races.

I have a sneaking suspicion why races are limited to a single distance: the game uses (an actually quite interesting) mechanic: there are 3 types of horses you can ride:

Closers, who begin the race slowly but regain stamina at a faster rate towards the finish.

Front runners, who begin fast but tire easier towards the end.

Stalkers, who are able to regain stamina at an increased rate when positioned behind other runners during the race.

Now, what I suspect is, the reason why all races are run over one distance, is because this way it was possible for the devs to evenly balance the three types against each other.

However. I have a much better solution, and also something I think this game desperately needs:

At the moment, when you create a horse it will randomly be either a closer, front runner, or stalker. However, the actual abilities of the horse are always the same. I.e. One Closer will be a carbon copy of another.

What would be great, is if each time you created a horse, its abilities were randomly generated and could then vary greatly from one another. A front runner, for example, would still begin fast, but the amount of actual speed, stamina, etc. would vary from one front runner to the next.

Not only would this improve both the fun factor and replayability of the game greatly, but also now you could have proper sprint races as well as staying races. The depth of the game would increase ten-fold.

As it stands, the multiplayer is the only thing currently which COULD be the game's saving grace. Unfortunately I've not been able to get into a single game yet, and have no idea how it works. The single player game without improvements, becomes stale fast.

I know the dev is here somewhere, as he did post some promo codes earlier. If you are reading, please consider some of my suggestions. I'd love to see a horseracing game succeed, particularly online as I love the genre. Currently though, this game needs more content and a few tweaks.

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03-22-2010, 02:22 AM
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Still no luck finding anyone to play this with online, and I'm rather curious to try. If you're playing this game, would you like to add me on OpenFeint? (Gabrien.) Perhaps we could try to organise a game.
03-22-2010, 06:59 AM
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I think I agree with Gabrien on all points. I've played the game for about an hour now, so I've got a good grasp on what this game is all about.

First, the good points, it is a very well polished game. The graphics are nice and smooth. The menus are well laid out and intuitive. You have a couple of sound options, but I played on mute, so I don't know what the game sounds like yet. I don't have any music on my iPhone, so I didn't even pay attention as to whether I could play my own songs. OpenFeint integration and multiplayer are great additions. The game plays well. It is pretty easy to jump into the game and do well.

I'm not a big multiplayer person. I mean, this is my phone. I use it as a phone. I would hate to get bumped out of a game because I got a phone call, so in general, I avoid online games. I've got a 360 and PS3 if I need to get a multiplayer fix. However, I did try to get in a match last night because I think this is where the game could shine. Apparently, as Gabrien said, there aren't enough people that own the game yet because I wasn't able to find a match the few times I tried.

This game has a TON of potential, but is lacking in options right now. With a few good updates, this could be a great game. As it is right now, it's a decent game with little replay value. It has OpenFeint achievements, but there are only 11 and once you do those, there is little reason to do anything else...except play multiplayer. I've only played a couple of career races, so I'm no where near advanced as Gabrien, however, I can definitely agree with his comments about gameplay. Right now, the game is too easy. I think I've completed 8 races and I've gotten 1st place on every race so far. The idea that you're the jockey controlling the whip and pace of your horse is a cool idea, but so far, I've justed whipped the hell out of my horse to take the lead, then sat on it the whole way around the track. There's been little strategy thus far. There's huge potential here, though. I would love to see the custom horse creation fleshed out a little bit. Instead of giving us three random preset options, I'd love to see an RPG style leveling system. Give us a limited amount of "points" to spend on various attributes. Give us points when we win. Let us customize these attributes as we advance in our career. This would create a huge variety in gameplay styles. There seems to be little difference between the three preset styles that exist now.

I'd love to see some options added that would allow you to spend the money you earn when you win. I think you could do it two ways. Give us a store to buy accessories to make your horse better and add gambling.

Right now, when you win a race you're given money. You do nothing with the money. Nothing. If you earn a million dollars in winnings in a career, you get an achievement. Aside from that, money means nothing. Adding a store to buy stuff would give another means to customize our ride. Maybe add various saddle options that get lighter and more expensive, so by purchasing such an item, you can gain a few pounds of an advantage, which could affect your attributes. Maybe you can buy silly stuff like new outfits for your jockey, new helmets, whips, leads, whatever. There are probably a dozen different items that could be offered simply to customize the look of your jockey and horse. Or, what the hell, while we're dreaming...what about adding cool stuff like riding stables, barns, trailers, or maybe paying for better trainers that could give you added skill points for your attributes.

I'd love to see a gambling aspect added. Seriously, horse racing is gambling. It should be a part of any horse racing simulation. Give us odds at the start of the race. Let us gamble away some of our hard earned money. Let us balance between buying cool new stuff in the store or gambling the money away before each race.

A couple of minor points. I think that the camera is zoomed too far out during a race. There's too much wasted space. The horse sprite could easily be twice as big. The jockey could be more detailed. I'd love to see the whip flying as I pressed the button. Also, I'm not a fan of the current track map on the screen. Your horse appears as a numbered block that slides along the "map". The oval track is depicted as a straight line. There's no starting line. There's no finish line. That's a big oversight IMO. I think that a small oval map in one of the corners would be much more useful. It's almost impossible to tell where you are on the track, but since the races are always the same length, you do start to get a feel for where you're at. Which, brings me to my next point. Gabrien also suggested this as well. Give us races of different lengths. This is more realistic. But, more importantly, it would allow for the differences in horses (Front Runner, Stalker, Closer) to really show. And, if more extensive attributes were added, it would make you decide whether you wanted to add to the stamina or acceleration. Do you want to do better in the short races or the long ones.

Don't get me wrong, this is a fun game, but if even a few of my suggestions are integrated, this could be a GREAT game and would definitely take the title of best horse racing app in the App Store. As it is now, it's a fun diversion, but I'm not sure it's something that I'd be compelled to go back to once I've completed all of the achievements. You know there's room for improvement when all you can think about as you're playing the game is ways to make the game better. I seriously hope that the dev comes back and reads our suggestions.

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03-22-2010, 09:36 AM
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We very much appreciate you taking the time to leave such detailed comments. Clearly you have an affinity for horse racing games and it sounds like a good bit of experience with them. It's a huge help to hear feedback like this early on.

You all bring up many excellent points, many of which were considered. As with any project, we had to make some tough choices vis-a-vis time and budget. This is an independent project basically involving one producer and financier (me) and one very talented developer. Trust me when I say that we were at it for quite a long time with this first version.

I've been involved in producing a number of past horse racing video games, ranging from Derby Owners Club-clone arcade games to full-fledged console simulations. While each of them had their own merits and loyal fans, the post-research always said the same thing: fun was the main factor, and people really wanted to interact/control the action as much as possible. This is primarily why we leaned more toward an arcade-style framework; we want as much of the general market to be able to immediately pick up the game and have fun with it, and felt like this style lends itself well to the iPhone. We felt that layering it with too many simulator features (e.g., betting), at least at the onset, would weigh the game down and take away from its fun factor. I'm confident we made the right decision in that regard.

We intend this game to be a franchise; I want to continually re-invest in it and make it better. That means many of the features that you guys mentioned here. Leaderboards, more horse creation features (i.e. breeding and stats, as you mention), and mini-games (for training, perhaps) are just some of the things that are in the plans for version two if we hopefully get there.

Clearly, the race experience and game performance are the most important things here to continue to improve upon in the short term, and please be assured we will take these comments and move forward with them. One thing I wanted to mention re: the comment on the "start" and "finish" lines--the yellow bar positioning bar at the top of the screen is intended to show track placement; i.e., the horse 'chiclets' start at the far left and make their way across the yellow line. The chiclets hit the finish line at the far right of the line. I realize that isn't completely apparent upon first play but we felt that was something people would likely realize pretty quickly.

I know the developer is reading this thread as well and may chime in with additional comments. I'll keep you all updated on any developments in this thread moving forward.

Again, my sincere appreciation and very best wishes.
03-22-2010, 07:28 PM
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I was just trying to think of what would be truly essential to add, since you HAVE been given a lot of suggestions and I understand your resources are limited. I think if nothing else, PLEASE add randomly generated stats for each created horse and at least two more race distances. I think that alone would add so much to the single player game.

I have been playing the G1 Jockey series since the first one, and I do think they are the best racing game simulation available. However, when I think of what it is that has kept me coming back for literally years, it's that possibilty of finding the "next great horse." And when you think about it, is that not exactly what keeps the owners, trainers, breeders, etc. coming back in real racing as well? It is a very strong compulsion. The hope that your next horse could be the one that's a real champion.

If you could just add THAT to the game, I could easily see myself playing it almost indefinitely. (So long as the difficulty is also raised, at least as an option.)

I also wanted to say, as far as multiplayer goes (and I still have not been able to find a game), I hope you will be able to introduce some kind of stats or leaderboards. Nothing fancy, just a simple win/place record would do. Another idea, is players could bet the money they've won in single player races against each other, and that way you could also have a leaderboard for most money earned, which would make the multiplayer game that much more compelling. I don't think the game has a "lobby" right now for multiplayer games, but it shouldn't be a huge job to add one so players could set up matches with bets to their liking.

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03-22-2010, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Gabrien View Post

I was just trying to think of what would be truly essential to add, since you HAVE been given a lot of suggestions and I understand your resources are limited. I think if nothing else, PLEASE add randomly generated stats for each created horse and at least two more race distances. I think that alone would add so much to the single player game.
I am the developer of iDerby.

There are in fact randomly generated stats for horses beyond the race styles. We do not have a UI showing these stats, but they do exist. These stats include maximum top speed, energy regeneration, lateral movement speed, cornering top speed, and hold speed. The amount of randomness is small since we didn't want the game to get too much out of control in terms of balance. If there weren't randomly generated stats, then all of the AI horses would race side-by-side for at least the first quarter of the race.

The random bonuses and weaknesses given to a stat will have a significant results to a horse over the duration of an entire race, but will be not as noticeable over a short distance.

Thanks for the comments. These will be taken into consideration for future revisions.