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iPad: MuffinStory - Chapter one - The 24 hours project

03-23-2010, 06:02 PM
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MuffinStory - Chapter one - The 24 hours project

Hey Toucharcade members,

Adrian, a friend of mine, and I started out to develop with the iPhone SDK and now that we received the announcement that the deadline to submit iPad Apps is March 27, we knew that the time is right to finally work on one of our ideas.

In order to make it as thrilling as possible we planned to make it some kind of experiment. We wondered if we could develop a game for the iPad and iPhone within a day - 24 hours - and made it some kind of a challenge for ourselves.

But we don't want to keep that massive spectacle to us only. Instead we want to invite you to spectate us attempting to succeed.

On March 26, 3:00 pm PDT we will constantly live broadcast (via webcam) for 24 hours and share our progress and screenshots (e.g. of the User interface) via our website (soon in English) http://muffinstory.de and Twitter (MuffinStory).
Since we don't want our spectators to be bored they should have the possibility to be part of the project by giving feedback, ideas and beta testing.

We started to develop in Objective-C in November, 2009. We are currently working on multiple iPhone and iPad Apps that are meant to be released one day. But before we want to finalize them until we think that they will satisfy all your needs.

As you may want to know we are two students aged 16 from Germany that discovered that developing is fun!

We called ourselves MuffinStory and began to realize our ideas in common in order to be more efficient. Now that we went further into the matter of what it means to develop we decided to make this idea recently buzzing in our heads come true.

We will hopefully see you on Friday, 26 March, 3:00 pm PDT at http://muffinstory.de/ when the MuffinStory's Chapter 1: The 24 Hours Project will come true!

Feel free to inform some friends. (:

Best wishes,
Florian and Adrian.

03-26-2010, 09:43 AM
quite interesting

I am definitely not going to miss that one! Nonetheless I won't stay for the whole time but I guess I will be spectating you for quite a time

I am most excited about the webcam broadcast wondering if you will survive the night. Haha, you could send muffins afterwards to the most loyal ones or to the ones that gave the most feedback

just kidding
I am looking forward to it!
03-26-2010, 07:29 PM
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Hey we just started three hours ago - You can watch us at: http://muffinstory.de/in-24-stunden-...n-geht-es-los/

@Bobbeldibob: Nice to see you interest. Only 21 hours and a half hour left … we have got to leave. The code is waiting! (:
03-27-2010, 02:33 AM
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9th Hour: The First Screenshot - iPad

We proudly present the first screenshot of our App after nine hours of development. It is not only looking quite good but it is also working already.

It is all about typing words correct as fast as possible in an App with a unique and smart design and various clever modes. In addition there will be unlockables and probably achievements.

The recent features:
• The 500 most common used English words in random sequence
• Elegant and smart design
• Online Highscore
• Local Highscore
• Facebook support

This was two hours ago.

We are currently working on:
• Fill the gap
• Random sequences of digits
• topical RSS Feed of a website of your choice
• topical Twitter messages of your choice
• Medley mode: will make you go crazy! All mixed together.
• Random letters mixed up to create fantasy words

There will be an iPhone/iPod Touch version too!

13 hours and a half to go!
Webcam broadcast:

Don't miss it!

See you soon,
04-06-2010, 07:41 PM
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Written is now available for the iPad!

We released our app! Here is the link to the official thread: The Link

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