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App description: Tiki Bongk is an addictive puzzle/arcade game for everyone.

Drag the blocks to match the color of the Tiki jumping on them. Chain reactions occur when several of the same color blocks are stacked together, and this risky move rewards you with a higher score.

Tiki Bongk is NOT a match three puzzle game. Tiki Bongk is a refreshing and unique twist on mind-melding puzzle gameplay that gets deeper as your skills develop. Formulate strategies by aligning several totem stacks to get bongked at the right time.

Easy to learn, difficult to master
Multiple difficulty settings for new and experienced players
Voodoo blocks can help you earn monumental scores
Online leaderboards, friends lists, and Facebook and Twitter integration via AGON Online provided by Aptocore (http://agon-online.com)

TikiBeast LLC
04-05-2010, 11:19 PM
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Looks like a fun puzzle game. Anyone wanna TOFTT?

04-06-2010, 02:06 AM
Just to be clear, I'm friends with the designer of Tiki Bongk. So impressions from me are probably biased.. but I saw this thread and just had to post.

It is a fun puzzle game, and it gets crazy hectic in the harder difficulty mode. The hardest thing to get over at first is that it's not a match 3 game, you just have to drag the blocks under a tiki of matching color. When a tiki bounces on a block of the same color the block breaks. It also breaks all of the contiguous matching blocks under it. You lose the game when a stack gets over five blocks high, and you get the most points by breaking five blocks at once. Any combo break will keep your multiplier going, so you're always trying to almost lose to get the most points. Nerve wracking, and fun. It takes a couple of plays to get used to but anyway someone else should download/review it for this thread - totally worth it.

On a side note,
They are using Agon Online for their meta game stuff, I like Agon Online and I've used it in my games, but no one seems to know/care about it here. Would OpenFeint or some other platform be better?