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iPhone: Vase Craze

02-10-2009, 01:42 PM
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Vase Craze

Vase Craze is the third iPhone game I wrote.

Vase Craze in the App Store Click Me!

Be sure to check out http://mehware.com for more details!

I am giving away 10 promo codes to Vase Craze, pm me for a code. You must use the code in the US App Store, have firmware 2.2. Thanks.

Vase Craze Description:

You are a warehouse worker whose only job is to catch all of the falling vases from the conveyor as they are manufactured before they hit the floor. Watch out though, this warehouse gets pretty crazy!

Game Features Include:

-3 skill level modes
-10 levels per mode
-Energizing music tracks
-Realistic physics
-Beautiful 3D graphics and effects
-Addicting gameplay
-Tons of replay value

Vase Craze Help Splashscreen:

-To collect the predetermined number of vases before the predetermined number of drops is reached.

-"Touch/Tap" whichever belt you want the cart to go to next.
-If 2 vases of the same color are caught in a row, then you are awarded 1 drop back.

Menu System:
-Ability to pause game from the toggle button on the bottom
-Select the main menu by clicking Vase Craze banner in the back of the warehouse.

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02-10-2009, 02:20 PM
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Here is a video of gameplay! Version 1.0

Youtube link | Pop Up


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02-11-2009, 12:19 PM
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I think this has the potential to be a really fun game. I've only played through the first 3-4 levels on easy, so these are just initial comments.

- Transition between menus and game screen is a bit sluggish
- The back two conveyor belts on the first level are hard to hit

On the plus side, I can already see where this will be challenging in a good way, especially at higher levels when playing with multiple rows of conveyors. I will provide a complete review when I've had the opportunity to play some more.

Eric Pankoke
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02-11-2009, 12:27 PM
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Well I tried it but felt sluggish. Maybe allowing swiping of conveyor belt to speed up vase to drop off quicker so one doesn't have to wait. Many times I'd move away before it dropped. Or failing that have it where you tap and can queue up multiple locations. But don't let the bin left without collecting the dropped vase. Perhaps have two bins one on left and one on right side so you are multitasking.
02-11-2009, 11:48 PM
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Thank you very much for both of your feedback. We are working hard on an update to take care of some bugs and polishing up gameplay making it faster overall.
02-12-2009, 12:38 AM
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Ive only had the chance to play relatively briefly, but Here are my thoughts
-as everyones mentioned it is very slow...the first time I played it I rebooted my iPod thinking it was frozen
-the controls right now, are frankly unplayable imho, it is way too hard to click on a belt, particularly for the speed and precision needed for the game - I would suggest making it so you press clearly defined areas below each column of belts. This would be easier to touch, plus there's no difference between touching a top or bottom belt of the same column
-I really like the two bin idea, maybe that could be added ability level?
-I also like the idea of being able to speed up coveyor belts, it would add more action and strategy
-I do not like the qeueing idea, because the game should be about speed, this would take away the skill involved in a quick bin movement
-just thought of another potential control scheme...maybe the bin could just follow your finger, wherever you drag it across the floor (though at a consistent pace, not however fast you drag your finger)

All in all this game has a lot of potential, the graphics are nice and I love the GarageBand music. if fixed up a bit, the gameplay could get quite intense...thats all I gotta say for now, will post back if I have other though

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02-12-2009, 02:29 AM
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We dropped the price to $0.99! This should help sales a bit.
02-17-2009, 02:39 AM
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Thanks again for all your replies. We made gameplay faster, tighter, more fun and enjoyable in version 1.1 and ironed out bugs.

We have a new control scheme as well. There are now two carts. You control the left one with your left thumb using the left switch and the right one with your right thumb using the right switch. When you let go of the switch the cart stops.

Below is a screenshot. Again the price has been dropped to 0.99cents.

iTunes Link to Vase Craze


I will be posting a video shortly aswell as giving away 10 promo codes when the app is updated.

Performance is much better in this new version and it was compiled under 2.0 so the people that haven't updated yet can play it be it their iphone or ipod touch.
02-17-2009, 02:49 AM
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have to agree....too slow....way too slow....
02-17-2009, 08:44 AM
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Has the update been submitted yet? I can't wait to try this new version.

Eric Pankoke
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