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iPad: Bombardiers Guild XL FREE

04-01-2010, 09:03 AM
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Bombardiers Guild XL FREE

just noticed this one

Application Description

Do you have what it takes to become a Master Bombardier?Join the Bombardiers Guild today!* Rise through the ranks following your glorious victories* Battle with the distinct cultures that make up the Guild* Challenge legendary masters in head-to-head battles* Establish your reputation in the Great Feud * Compare your best scores with other Bombardiers * Earn achievements as you progressPlay with elegance. Play with passion. Play to win!FEATURES* Unique physics engine with realistic planet gravity and projectile ballistics* Find the perfect shot to weave between the planets and destroy the enemy base* Charge up your rocket by making s-shots, loops or other complex paths between the planets* Challenge three distinct alien cultures * Use different strategies against increasingly cunning opponent AI as you progress through the missions* Earn numerous ranks & promotions in the Guild for skillful shots and missions completed* Track your progress and most glorious victories in detailed statistics* Compare your scores using beautifully incorporated OpenFeint leaderboards * Earn OpenFeint achievements whether on or offline * Battle your friends in two player mode * Enjoy the carefully crafted steampunk atmosphere, user interface and soundtrack* Particle effects and disruption shockwaves tap the full graphical potential of your iPad* Listen to your own music selection while you play"Charging rockets and replenishing shields take a genre classic to new heights"REVIEWS "An elegant physics shooter game with a compelling storyline, gorgeous steampunk inspired aesthetics and creative gameplay. FIVE STARS." - appSIZED.com"...the beautiful graphics and the unique game physics as well as original gamplay brings new air to the app store. The truth is out Bombardiers Guild gets a score of 8 out of 10. GET IT!"- truthbombers.com"...some of the most fun I have had playing an iPhone game. The intensity when the enemy start hitting your cannon with big shots is really hard to convey, but it really gets my heart beating."- touchgen.com"The overall presentation is very impressive. I can say that this game is built with lots of careful attention to details."- pocketfullofaps.com"Perfect reviews for the perfect game."- appcomments.com"Bombardiers Guild is a beautiful strategy shooter with a hip steam-punk art style, and an interesting gravity based physics engine."- thecurrentgamer.com Visit www.bombardiersguild.com for more information. The saga of the Bombardiers Guild has only just begun...
I wasn't expecting Free

I isn't showing up on Appshopper
but i found it on http://appadvice.com/ipad-app/364152887

can this be confirmed?
04-01-2010, 11:03 AM

The game hooks into exactly the same OpenFeint leaderboards as the iPhone version, so we couldn't change anything such that one or the other device had the advantage. The metallic stuff down the sides is to make sure the aspect ratio stays the same. So mainly it's some HD stuff, ramped up the particle count, more trails on screen - it all looks very pretty.

Bombardiers Guild XL ($1.99) and Bombardiers Guild XL FREE, both approved for April 3rd.

04-03-2010, 09:50 AM
Heh, there were a handful of Bombardiers Guild XL FREE downloads yesterday.

Were the shops open at midnight on the east coast?