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iPad: Subatomic for iPad out now -- $1.99

04-02-2010, 03:49 PM
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Subatomic for iPad out now -- $1.99

We've just released a brand-new version of Subatomic, with iPad support. It's $1.99 (for a Universal app, iPhone + iPad; free upgrade for existing iPhone users). It's also a major update to the game itself, based on feedback from TouchArcade users (more info) -- one could say it's the first iPad game designed by the TouchArcade forums...

Subatomic @ App Store (available now)
Subatomic @ 7b5 Labs (w/ more screenshots)

Don't push around somebody your own size. Push around something 1000000000x smaller instead. And perhaps save the human race in the process.

Welcome to the world of Subatomic. The moves are simple: touch near the particles to push them away from your finger -- the closer you touch, the harder you'll push. The goal is even simpler: separate the red particles from the blue, guiding each into its matching Reactor Core. Generate matter/antimatter rocket fuel to help launch humanity's survivors to safety, while earning points to move you to the next level. To avoid a meltdown, just make sure the Cores don't run dry.

Sound easy? Sure it is. Until the radioactive particles start decaying. And the particles start to annihilate when you make a mistake. Before long you're dealing with particles pairing up, or rogue Reactor Cores drifting around the arena, or shifting gravitational gradients, or a menagerie of other unexpected hazards. That's when things start to get interesting. Just keep that zen-like cool and you'll be fine. The fate of humanity depends on it.

Subatomic is an addictively simple game of tactics and reflexes in a surreal microscopic world. Spend ten seconds or ten minutes at a time honing your skills in this physics-based realm where harmony and chaos are separated by a touch of your finger.

- 31 unique levels across 10 distinct zones
- Play on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch -- without re-buying
- Original soundtrack by Bence Tasnadi
- Exit any time and come back a few seconds or a few days later, exactly where you left off
- Play against a background of Scanning Electron Microscope imagery courtesy of Jan Gräser, as well as the Alaska Volcano Observatory; the United States Geological Survey; and Dartmouth College

Director of Reverse Engineered Alien Technology
7b5 Labs -- Makers of Subatomic and XPilot
04-02-2010, 04:55 PM
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Thanks for the universal build - looking foward to seeing the visuals of this in motion on the iPad.

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Worst idea ever!
04-05-2010, 01:50 PM
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Moved this thread here

Director of Reverse Engineered Alien Technology
7b5 Labs -- Makers of Subatomic and XPilot