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Original Gangstaz - Guide and tips (Part 1)

04-02-2010, 05:52 PM
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Original Gangstaz - Guide and tips (Part 1)

O.G. Game Guide for Early Levels and New Players

Believe it or not, it’s a number game.
Though I must say, O.G. creators (Godfather?) are extremely lazy. Instead of plugging the numbers in a more complicated formula which would add more dimensions and content to the game, the math is too simple. However, compare to similar iPhone MMOs like, World War, iMobster or R.O.D. this game is such a big improvement in many aspects. There are many ways to play this game instead of just grinding your teeth and camp, which made O.G. so much more fun and intense.
I based all my conclusions on some simple statistics and calculations because after all, winning or losing fights are not random, ‘bigger number’ is the deciding the factor.

My game name is Cassiell and my code is 461 080 329 wearing red hood. My level is 26 two weeks into the game, as of today winning 1.4k fights losing 300, approaching 200 kills. I made many bad decisions which contributed to most of my loses and deaths which I hope you guys could learn from my mistakes. I know my stats aren’t awesome and I’m not here to brag. There are no good guides out there and I just hope this could provide some guidance and tips to people who have tons of questions and/or are new to the game and/or struggling.

The Very Basics
How does the math work?
D = Defense A = Attack Str = Strength
When attacking: Your total A > Opponent’s D. You win, otherwise, you lose
When being attacked: Your total D > Opponent’s A. You win, otherwise, you lose
Your total A and D are consisted of two parts: Basic A/D and Weapon A/D
Total A/D = Basic A/D + Weapon A/D
Your basic A/D comes from your stats and Bling which you can find by checking your stats:
Basic A/D = Your current level * Your Str/Defense
For example: If your level is 20 and you have 28 Str, your basic attack would be:
20 * 28 = 560; Your total Attack = 560 + attack from your weapons
You can bring your gang to fights, up to TEN TIMES your current level up until level 50. Simply put, if you are level 20, the number of gang member who are going to be EFFECTIVE is 200. A level 20 with 6000 gang members could still lose fights to another level 20 with 220 gang members because your 5800 people aren’t really doing anything. No, having a “HUGE gang” does not guarantee a win in fight. Having the right number of people in your gang is the key.
If you have too few people in your gang, you could not maximize your attack/defense. For example, if you are level 20 with 80 gang members, you are only bringing 80 (240 weapons, explained below) people to fight with you when you could bring 200 (600 weapons). You lose for sure because your opponent could easily crash you with twice your attack/defense. (240 vs. 600)
Every one of your gang members is bringing EXACTLY one weapon/loot one gear/loot plus one ride/loot to a fight. Consider a level 15 player with a 1000 member gang:
Only 150 members are brought to the fight, the other 850 aren’t doing anything.
You will use AT MOST 450 (15*10*3) your BEST weapons/gears/rides/loot in the fight, since each gang member brings 3 weapon/gear/ride/loot. Having 90000 weapons/gears/rides DOES NOT benefit you, because the number of effective weapons is limited to 450 at level 15.

Some of you would laugh at me for having to break these down the idiotic way in this guide, but you would really be surprised how many people do not understand the very basics of the game.
If you do not have a gang size at least ten times of your currently level, the first thing you do should be getting more people in your gang, up to your level times 10 and then equip each one of your gang members with EXACTLY one weapon, one gear, one loot. You could do it by listing yourself in the V.I.P section or inviting V.I.Ps who listed themselves. (up to 50 a day)

Other important numbers:
Lotto tickets: The money you get from lotto tickets, on average, is app. your level times 1000. (based on my experience and calculation but I could be wrong) Say, you are level 20 and you have 10 lotto tickets. You should expect getting 200,000 out of the 10 lotto tickets. Sometimes you get no money out of a ticket and sometimes you could get 100k from one lotto but your level times 1000 is just an approximation average.

Should I camp?
Short answer: It’s recommended that you do, but you will do just fine if you don’t.
Long answer: Camping in this game is much more difficult compare other MMOs. In other MMOs like World War, you could camp without limitations and you could expand your money flow more quickly by camping, and income contributed from doing missions isn’t significant. Camping becomes the only way of playing because ALL are doing it and you too have to. (BORING!) In O.G., not only slum is only one way of making cash, but also you could get a great amount of cash by doing quests and playing lotto. It sometimes takes half a day to upgrade your slum income only once and the increase isn’t even significant, not to mention there are limits. If you hate camping, the money you get from winning wars and doing quests is enough to get by.
I camp to a point where camping becomes stupid. Why spend a million to upgrade a slum (won’t increase your cash inflow significantly), with which you could upgrade your whole gear system. Consider camping a bit and then use the slum money to upgrade your weapon, then get more money from quests in higher level and come back and upgrade your slums, which in my opinion is the most efficient way (not necessary the best but relatively more fun) to play, and still guarantees a steady income.
With that being said, camping and maximize your income in lower level would only benefit you in the long run, since you could have the very best gear every step of the way. Be warned it could take weeks to upgrade your slums to the max.

Which weapon/gear/ride should I get?
Short answer: Be smart and grab a calculator.
Long answer: Consider a “Scraper” costing $1,419 and provides 8 A/D (3 attack + 5 defense) and a skateboard costing $6,653 and provides 11 A/D (5 attack + 6 defense). Scraper is the more EFFICIENT ride to get (note: efficient not best) because it cost 4 times less and only has minor stats downgrade compare to skateboard. Since the income is limited and there is only so many weapon you can get, spending on the most “EFFICIENT” weapon/gear/ride instead of the most expensive, seems to be the smarter choice. When buying, you should always consider what I would like to call “Cost Per Stat” (CPS). Simple divide the stats one weapon provides by the cost, it gives you how much you are paying for one point of stat. The CPS for the scraper in this case is $177 ($1,419/8) and the CPS for skateboard is $604 ($6,653/11). Simply put, if you buy skateboard instead of scraper, you are paying 3 times as much for each point of stats, even though each skateboard provides more stats than scraper, it doesn’t necessary gives you more A/D overall with limited income.
Be smart, grab a calculator and see which weapon/gear/ride is the more EFFICIENT one to get.
But of course, you could always camp and save money and get the best weapons possible, but what is fun in spending days and sitting around not doing anything just to buy something you will sell soon enough.
04-07-2010, 01:57 AM
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There is a guide that shows you all of the bling in Original Gangstaz and which jobs to do to earn them at http://www.ogcodes.com/og_bling.php

There is also a very detailed job guide at http://www.ogcodes.com/og_jobs.php
05-01-2010, 11:05 PM
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This guide helped me a lot. I gave been having a lot if trouble with winning fights but not anymore! Thanks!!
07-23-2011, 06:18 AM
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Hey' I'm Fresh714 I'm a TRUE BLUE I seen this review and u got some basics down but u forgot to tell them it's better to loot the best GEAR,WEAPON and RIDE and u will win most fights.

One other thing when u scratch lottos get loot u don't need to scratch for money what do u think ur slums are for so scratch loot that should help a little more
09-20-2011, 06:43 PM
quick question

You said something about equipping your gang members. Do you equip them manually, or are they automatically equipped when they join your gang?