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Original Gangstaz - Guide and tips (Part 2)

04-02-2010, 05:53 PM
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Original Gangstaz - Guide and tips (Part 2)

Should I be questing?
Short answer: Yes, but not required depends on your style.
Long answer: Questing could generate a significant amount of cash and Blings. But you can always choose not to do any quest at all and fight your way up. Why let the energy sit around and not get some quick cash out of it?

Blings? What is that? Is it worth it?
Short answer: Blings are awesome, get as much as you can. They can also be overrated.
Long answer: Blings are very hard to get. You get them by repeatly doing one quest until it’s max ranked. (> rank 4) Up until level 30, you get 1 Bling every 2-3 levels, they are (I believe) more difficult to get in high levels. Each Bling could provide 1 strength, 1 defense 1 stamina/loyalty, just think of it as instead of getting 15 skill points every 3 levels, you get 17 skill points if you have Blings. Bling helps but won’t be game changing.
You get other Blings that could increase your energy/stamina/loyalty regen rate. They sound awsome but I could not say how much they help because I’m not there yet.

What is the best way to spend skill points?
Short answer: It depends on your play style.
Long answer: There are many ways to play this game and you can pick the way you think is most fun. (After all it’s a dumb cell phone game.) Fact is, skill points are over rated. They don’t affect the game play as significantly as some of you think. For campers who maximize their attack/defense with weapons, skill points would only make up 5%-10% of the differences if you spend them solely on strength/defense. (The math is tested and stands correct up until level 30) For those who level quickly and only get the best possible weapons with limited money inflow, skill points could increase your attack/defense by 15%-30% (30% if you have very crappy weapons).
1. “ZOMG DA NIG MUST DIE!” If you are the aggressive type who spend ton of money on doc visits and fight as much as you could, add more strength could help you win fights even though you might not have the best weapons to attack with. Keep in mind when getting hit, you are likely to lose the fight for not having good defense.
2. “I LOVE CAMPING!” If you think having consistent money inflow is the key to the game, you need lots of defense to secure your cash. After all, putting the money in the bank to keep them safe cost you a lot.
3. “PLZ DUN HIT ME,I LIKE CHIHUAHUA AND CHEEZBURGER” If you aren’t at all aggressive and get frustrated when getting hit and lose, feel free to wall yourself and chill. Max your D and hang with your friends. Only upgrade your strength in later levels if you want to start getting into fights.
4. “STATS ARE EVERYTHING!” Balanced strength/defense will generally get you impressive win/lose kill/die stats because either hitting or getting hit will win you fights with somewhat balanced attack/defense. It worked for me for winning 83% fights.
5. “KEEEEEELLL!!!!! N’ WWWWAAAARR!!!!!!” Since efficiency of killing and winning wars relies more on non-strength/defense points, you could choose to spend many points on stamina and loyalty, or even energy.
Note: I do not recommend on spending too many points on loyalty simply because it regens extremely slowly and high loyalty points will NOT increase your chance of execution.
And of course, there are even more ways to spend your points. I’ve seen people with insufficient gang member but with maxed defense and best defensive weapons, fishing to get hit and black listed just to win almost every fight. Be creative, play the game your way.
But again, stats generally only make up about 20% of the difference, which means 80% of your game play depends on your gang size and your weapon level. You could have 10000 defense, a small gang and no weapon, and still would lose to someone attacking with 0 strength but the right gang size and weapon. It’s 80% vs. 20%, do the math.

What level of people should I be inviting using the V.I.P. feature?
Short answer: It doesn’t really matter THAT much in the long run.
Long answer: People like to spend hours on the V.I.P. list to fish for high levels and have them in there gang. Keep in mind high levels can’t really help you in fights if your level gap is too high. When I hit the V.I.P list, I like to invite people who are few levels high (those who can help me) and a few levels lower (those who I can help and drag to gang then I can fight) than me, and then a few level 80+ levels who I can learn from.
Having member whose level is much higher or lower in your gang barely helps you at all.
But again, in the long run it doesn’t make a difference.

Is Tiger/Shark/Fire Starter execution worth it?
Short answer: No!
Long answer: Even though having 49% chance of executing someone sounds really sweet, don’t forget about the fact that it cost 3/3 stamina/loyalty, with which you can use “Throw off building” 3 times (23%). Math tells us you have 61% chance (not 69%) to SUCCESSFULLY execute if you use “Throw off building” 3 times. Compare to 49% with the same cost, spending street cred on new executions is NOT worth it. (You might not get it but please don’t argue with me with the math.)
After all, it’s up to you. If you have TONS of cred to waste and want to show off your tiger/shark, feel free to spend cred on them.

What is the best way to spend my street cred then?
Short answer: It’s up to you.
Long answer: One of the beauties of the game is that there is no ONE RIGHT way of playing the game.
1. Spend it on buying lotto and earn quick cash. Either you camp to upgrade slum lords faster or you need weapons fast, having lots of cash early would benefit you a lot.
2. Get the ‘Bling: Cash Counter’ early will save you ton of cash in the long run.
3. Get one of the disses in the early level would benefit you too if you like to ‘diss’ a lot, it increases the chance of killing with ‘diss’ by roughly 25% (which is a lot).
4. List yourself in the V.I.P. section for 24 hours. Generally, if you are level 20+, you would get 1000+ quick invites by using this feature. (more on weekends, so time it wisely) Listing yourself in your lower levels would not get you as much invites because certain dumb players only like to invite high levels.
I personally spent my first 25 cred on listing myself for a large gang more quickly. People with large gang are less likely to get attacked because, well, there are too many idiots who think
HUGE gang makes a difference in fights.

A Few Tips:
 Pick the quests which will reward you the most cash. There are quests costing only a few more energy but reward you twice the cash and also loots. Pick wisely.

 Spend points only on defense in early levels. (I recommend this to everyone) At first the skill points are easy to get but gang members aren’t. People will hit you with better weapons and bigger gang but you could still with good defense.

 Don’t be a bully. More often, it does more harm than good.

 Try not to farm the heck out of one guy, especially lower level. Even the most desperate turtle bites.

 Don’t get cocky and leave comments to your opponents no matter what they did/said, you only leave trails and reasons to get hit or listed.

Again, I’m only here to provide a general guidance to the ‘newbies’ of O.G. Feedback and suggests are welcome. Myself is only level 26 and I can only speak for level 30-.

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04-07-2010, 01:55 AM
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Original Gangstaz bling guide

There is a guide that shows you all of the bling in Original Gangstaz and which jobs to do to earn them at http://www.ogcodes.com/og_bling.php

There is also a very detailed job guide at http://www.ogcodes.com/og_jobs.php