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iPhone: XStream Tap will be FREE on Monday April 5th! Featured in "What's Hot"

04-02-2010, 09:01 PM
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XStream Tap will be FREE on Monday April 5th! Featured in "What's Hot"

Link to XStreamTap in iTunes here

Firstly - YAY! We were Featured by Apple in:
*** "New and Noteworthy" Games in iTunes AppStore
*** "Hot Games" in the Featured section of the AppStore App

and now we're in:
*** "What's Hot" Games in iTunes

So - I'm suuuure you've all been waiting for just this moment (jk)...

XStream Tap (Full Version) WILL BE FREE ON Monday, April 5.

We're trying the "free for a day" thing with a particular site that does that sort of thing Figured I'd share it with you all as well -

Please share with ya friends - after all, it'll be FREE, right?

XStream Tap is great for everyone from 3yr olds (well, mine at least), to older people (well, like my Dad at least but he'll never admit to being old!). I'm in the middle and I like it a lot...but, as my partner says, it's me just "taking from my own stash"

An update with OpenFeint integration has been submitted and is on the way!


Question for those of you that try it - we spent some time going over the level (Stream) configurations to make the game both:
a.) accessible to all ages to pick up the game
b.) challenging enough to be interesting for hard-core players

One thing that's a *little* bit contrary to the Casual Game paradigm is that a good game... for me... to get as far as I can... can take me somewhere between an hour to an hour and a half!

Thing is, you don't realize it takes that long once you get caught up in the game... But...one of my fears is that the early Streams, being easy by design to help people get used to the game, might be so easy that the game appears falsely boring to those that don't get a few Streams into it - where it becomes interesting.


We'd like your feedback on the Streams...

1.) do they start off too easy?
2.) are there too many Streams?
3.) do they get hard enough fast enough?

We've also considered adding a "Difficulty" setting (e.g. "Baby Tapper", "Thumper", "Tapping Guru")...

We also want to make the game more graphically interesting. We're planning on adding skin selections, and maybe in-app purchases for skins. Initial skins we'd like to work on are:
- a "Doodle" version (will probably be passe by the time we're done!)
- a "Retro" version (a la old-school arcade games - just b/c we'd like it)

And we love how other games (like Earth vs. Moon) embed throw-back games into the game flow (e.g. the way they have the Space Invader's gameplay and the Pong/Breakout gameplay blended with Missile Command tactics)...Pocket God did something similar with putting the "Doodle Jump" type gameplay in when you drag the ppl up into the clouds So - any thoughts on retro-games that might be a good fit?

Thanks, and hope you enjoy the free copy!

04-05-2010, 01:20 PM
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Hey everyone, Just wanted to remind you all that XStream Tap is FREE today!!

Go check it out!! We'd love some feedback (pros or cons). Thanks in advance.