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App description: *** HAPPY SUMMER! Download Small World 2 and achats intégrés at a very special price from June 22 through 5 July***

"One of the most compelling games for the iPad." MacWorld Magazine, December 2013

*** Games Magazine - Game of the Year !!! ***
*** Pocket Gamer Awards - Best iPad Strategy/Simulation Game of the year! ***
*** The first big Euro board game of the iPad era. Fans are in for a really wonderful ride *** TUAW.com

Based on the phenomenally successful Small World fantasy board game with over 500,000 copies sold! Take control of insanely fun fantasy race & special power combos, such as Berserk Halflings, Triton Merchants, Alchemist Ratmen and Dragon-master Amazons, to grab all the land you can in a world that is just too small to share with your opponents!

A host of new features await you in this colossal update:
New 3, 4 and 5 player maps to conquer, in glorious full retina mode!
Play Online games in real-time or turn-by-turn, with friends & strangers from the world over; and Local games over Bluetooth or Wifi
Play Solo against up to 4 built-in AI; Passn Play with up to 5 live opponents on a single iPad
20 new races & special powers to master through in-app purchases of Cursed!, Grand Dames and brand new to digital Be Not Afraid
Online, Solo & Face to Face scores with daily, weekly and forever rankings
Comprehensive Small World Encyclopedia detailing all rules, races, special powers, icons & more!
Extensive Game Center, Facebook and Days of Wonder Online Buddies integration
Brand new musical score, sound effects, graphics and animations
Video Tutorial by Master Glandulf himself

Discover what reviewers have been raving about:

*** The art is top notch, the gameplay is really fun. Perfect for a quick head to head! *** Games Uncovered


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ImNoSuperMan's comments:

HD Screenshots
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What's New in v1.1

- The famed Cursed! and Grand Dames expansions are now available as in-game expansions. The 5 new Races and 7 new Special Powers they introduce make Small World's combos more fun and unique than ever!
- a new in-game player lets you play the song of your choice from your music library while crushing your opponent
- A new leaderboard feature captures your high scores for posterity in the Champions page.
- The Amazons player can now choose which regions to abandon in order to keep 4 tokens in reserve.

*** BUG FIXES ***
- Dragon Master :the Dragon token sometimes failed to appear when Dragon Master Power was picked. FIXED.
- AI System : The bot now temporarily stops playing when you check your combos Info out

- Seafaring Halflings do not plave their holes-in-the-ground in seas and lake regions anymore.
- Giants are now more likely to conquer Mountain regions when it makes sense

What's New in v1.0

- Solo Mode : play alone against your iPad !
- Select the player who plays first : player 1, player 2 or random pick.
- Amazons : The regions they vacate at the end of turn are still picked automatically, but they now leave the less valuable ones first.

*** BUG FIXES ***
- Crashing bugs.
- Flying/Underworld/Seafarings Ghoul cannot use their power anymore in decline.
- Converting a region by a Pillaging Sorcerer now gives one extra VP.
- Flying Sorcerer can now use their power for their first conquest.
- Dragon Master: cannot attack a region anymore with Dragon but no race token.
04-03-2010, 09:33 AM
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Small World for iPad - (with solo mode) (v1.1 - DLC expansion packs out)

Originally Posted by CzarCastic View Post
It's a great game. I bought it awhile ago, but only recently started playing it with my wife. I'm really looking forward to having the AI to play against now as well.

I'm a noob still, but this is how I understand it.

I think the main point of going into decline is because you're given a limited number of Race Tokens at the start of the game. As you use your Race Tokens to conquer new lands, you have less and less tokens to use for future turns. So, going into decline allows you to continue to earn victory points on lands that you've conquered (until they are taken by the enemy), while restarting with a new Race and Special Power combo. When you restart, you're given more Race Tokens to use. The key is knowing when you've extended yourself as far as you can with your current Race and when to go into decline to get a new Race and more tokens to continue your conquest. There are only 10 turns in a game, so knowing when to go into decline is a big part of the game and learned with experience. I'm still not there yet.

The die roll is a factor when you don't have enough Race Tokens in a given turn to complete a conquest. It takes a certain number of tokens to conquer a given land. Factors such as land type, Special Power, and whether your opponent already has tokens on the land determines how many of your own Race Tokens are needed. If you don't have enough tokens to take the land outright, then you roll the die. You gain as many tokens for temporary use as there are pips on the die (0, 1, 2, or 3). So, you could technically attempt to overtake a land where you are 3 Race Tokens short, but you'd need a really lucky roll to win. If you do win, you get the land. If you don't win, then the attacking phase of your turn ends. You are then given the opportunity to rearrange your tokens on the board to fortify your lands. You want to put extra tokens onto land areas that earn you bonuses, or may earn the opponent bonuses to keep the opponent off the land.

Your comparison to Risk is fair. You need to use the numbers to your adantage. Obviously higher numbers (in this case Race Tokens) means you're given the opportunity to take a land. The die roll helps add a little bit of luck. The strategy comes in deciding what lands to take (given your current number of available Race Tokens) and when to go into decline (to get a new Race and more Race Tokens to continue your conquest).

It's a fun game. You should just buy it already.
Originally Posted by LordGek View Post
Got it and am liking it but am clearly no match for its newly added AI (only a good thing as I masochistically love it when an AI kicks my ass without cheating).

Here is my attempt to give the game a real rough overview for those not familiar with the real boardgame it is based on:

-As far as I can tell this is strictly a 2 player game (either player can be a human or a bot, but there will always be two).

-The first player, with 5 coins in hand, chooses his Ability and Race Combo. This is to me one of the funnest aspects of the game, picking just the right combo to dominate your opponent. How this works is that you are presented with a stack of I think 5 possible combos of abilities and races. How these two aspects are paired are totally random and often comedic like Commando Wizards or Merchant Trolls. You can simply take the top Ability and Race Combo for free or, at the cost of a coin (these are simply your victory points, never used to purchase anything) per step down the list. Each ability and race has an associated number of troops with it creating a bit of a balancing effect since the lesser abilities and races will allow more troops whereas some really great ability, like Merchant that give you a bonus coin for every region you're holding, only allows 3 troops whereas the Ratmen race, with no special racial characteristics, is worth 11 troops making this combo worth 14 troops to start your world wide domination.

-Once your Ability and Race Combo has been settled on, it is time to start taking over regions. You can start off on any region bordering the edge of the map and simply claim territories as long as you have sufficient troops. If the region is already occupied you simply need to use more troops (and again this is handled all automatically with the game automatically drawing from your reserve just the needed amount to take the area. Your conquest continues as long as adjacent to another owned territory (again, like any rule in this game, there are special ability/race exceptions). If feeling frisky, for your final attack, you can try to take over an area you're a few troops short of the required amount. What happens here is the special die is rolled giving you a result of 0-3 of temporary troops. If your remaining troops and this die roll are enough the area is taken and if short, the area isn't taken and you'll lose one of your troops. Each time a region of yours is taken over by an opponent you receive those troops back in your hand to redeploy next turn MINUS ONE (so basically each lost region will result in the permanent attrition of 1 troop meaning that as you continue on with this given race your numbers will be continuously dwindling).

-Once done conquering you can move the troops in the owned territories (guys already deployed and those not deployed yet) with the only role being you must leave at least one troop in each territory to keep it.

-Lastly you receive victory coins (points) equal to your currently owned territories plus and special ability or racial bonuses (like the Forest ability that gives you a bonus coin for each forest currently occupied).

-The last trick to consider is that you can up and bring on a new Ability and Race Combo into the game, just like you did at the start of the game if you're first willing to skip a turn (the process of going into "Decline"). A race in decline can no longer (with exceptions, of course) conquer new territories and all of their occupied regions are now just held by a single trooper but, as long as these feeble remains continue to hold the region you'll still receive coins for these territories.

-That is the game in a nutshell. The two players slug it out back and forth like this for 10 turns and then the guy with the most victory coins at the end is declared KING OF THE WORLD (and a bounty is put upon the head of the loser).
Originally Posted by LordGek View Post
So as the AI kicks my ass every time so far, I can't complain about it...YET, but I still have some wishes for the future.

1) Ability to do more than 2 players.
2) Some basic stat tracking for Player vs. AI games (Win/Loss ratio for player vs. AI, and maybe the Average Point Differential per game. With the tracking of this Average Point Differential we can know, sure, he won most of his games but on the whole is he smashing the opposition or barely squeaking by? Inversely even if losing most games, this average point differential shows how close these losses tended to be).

I'm assuming they've INTENTIONALLY left out the Diplomat ability since it really would make no sense in a 2 player game...but does this mean they then had to leave out a race to keep stuff even?

Oh, my last question for the pros here, if I pay to get a Ability and Race Combo further down the stack, is this money going to the bank or my opponent?

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04-03-2010, 10:47 PM
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No computer opponent, bummer

I like board games but have a very hard time finding someone who wants to play, so I was excited to hear Small World was coming out for the iPad. Bought it when it hit the app store. Got my iPad this morning and one of the first games I tried out was Small World. Great graphics, matches the board game, but there's no computer opponent! I can't play it!

04-05-2010, 01:35 AM
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I've played Vinci (original boardgame Small World is based off) a few times since I own a copy. Small World only played once in real life. Bought for ipad as I love board games that enforce the rules such as wargameroom.com twilight struggle for instance compared to ones that just let you play the game yet fail to enforce rules.

Small World for ipad I wish you could access the rules without exiting the game or at the very least allow one to resume. I'm sure once the dev keeps test it out on the ipad those will be forthcoming and great to see Days of Wonder jumping on board. Who knows ticket to ride may be next.
04-14-2010, 01:48 AM
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New patch is out can resume now. Also added Ghouls race and Berserk power.

I believe Diplomat power and Sorcerers race still not implemented in this iPad version of Small World. (could be wrong though).

Been playing quite a bit of this one as of late. Probably played about 25 games of it so far. Also different game due to the combinations of powers shuffled with the various races.

Here is list of Races:

Take 4 additional Amazon tokens to be used only for conquest, not defense. At the end of each of your Troop Redeployments you must remove 4 tokens from the map (leaving at least 1 token in each of your regions if possible) and only take these 4 back in hand to redeploy once you Ready your Troops at the start of your next turn.

Collect 1 bonus coin for each Mine region you occupy at turn’s end; even when the Dwarves are in decline.

When the enemy conquers one of your regions, keep all your Elf tokens in hand for redeployment at the end of that player’s turn, rather than discarding 1.

Your Ghoul tokens all stay on the map when going into decline, and can continue to conquer new regions each turn as if they were still active. These conquests must be done before any conquest by your active race (whom you may even attack).

Your Giants may conquer any region adjacent to a Mountain region they occupy at a cost of 1 less Giant token than normal (a minimum of 1 is still required).

Your Halfling tokens may enter the map through any region. Place a Hole-in-the-Ground in the first 2 regions you conquer, to make them immune to enemy conquests and racial and special powers. You remove the Holes (and lose their protection) when your Halflings go into decline, or you choose to abandon the region.

Collect 1 bonus coin for each Farmland region you occupy at turn’s end.

Collect 1 bonus coin for each non-empty region you conquered this turn.

No race benefit other than their numbers.

During your Troop Redeployment, take 1 new Skeleton token from the tray for every 2 non-empty regions you conquered this turn, and add it to the troops you redeploy at the end of your turn.

Once per turn per opponent, your Sorcerers can conquer a region by substituting 1 of your opponent’s active tokens with one of your own from the tray.
The replaced token must be the only token in its region (a single Troll token with its Lair is considered alone, and a Fortress or Mountain provides no protection) and that region must be adjacent to one of your Sorcerers’. Place the opponent’s token (even an Elf) back into the tray.

Your Tritons may conquer all Coastal regions (those bordering a Sea or Lake) at a cost of 1 less token than normal. A minimum of 1 is still required.

Place a Troll’s Lair in each region your Trolls occupy to increase its defense by 1. Lairs stay in the region after your Trolls go into decline. Remove the Lair if you abandon the region or when an enemy conquers it.

Collect 1 bonus coin for each Magic Source region you occupy at turn’s end.

Special Powers

Collect 2 bonus coins at the end of each turn your race hasn’t yet gone into decline.

You may use the Reinforcement die before each of your conquests. Roll the die; select the region you wish to conquer; then place the required number of tokens (minus the die results) there. If you do not have enough tokens, this is your final conquest attempt for the turn. A minimum of 1 is still required.

Deploy 5 Encampment tokens in any of your region(s), during your Troop Redeployment phase. Each counts as 1 token toward its region’s defense (and thus protects a single race token from the Sorcerer’s racial power). Multiple encampments may be placed in the same Region for a higher defense bonus. Each turn you may break camp and settle in any new region you occupy. Encampments are never lost during an attack on their region, but all disappear when their race goes into decline.

You may conquer any region with 1 less token than normal. A minimum of 1 is still required.

At the end of your turn, you may select 1 opponent whose active race you did not attack this turn as your ally. He cannot attack your active race until your next turn. You may change allies each turn. Declined tokens are not affected (declined Ghouls are immune and may still attack you).

Dragon Master
Once per turn, you may conquer a region using 1 token, regardless of the number of defending tokens. Place your Dragon there to make the region immune to enemy conquests and racial and special powers until your Dragon moves. During each new turn, you may move your Dragon to a different region you wish to conquer. Your Dragon is removed from the board when you go into decline.

You may conquer any region except Seas and Lakes.

Collect 1 bonus coin for each Forest region you occupy at turn’s end.

Once per turn while active, place 1 Fortress in a region you occupy to increase its defense by 1 (even if you are entering or are in decline) and collect 1 bonus coin at turn’s end (unless you leave or are in decline).
Remove the Fortress if you abandon the region or when an enemy conquers it. There is a maximum of 1 Fortress per region and 6 Fortresses on the map.

At the end of your turn, place your 2 Heroes in 2 regions you occupy; the regions are now immune to enemy conquests and racial and special powers until your Heroes move. Heroes disappear when you go into decline.

Collect 1 bonus coin for each Hill region you occupy at turn’s end.

Collect 1 bonus coin for each region you occupy at turn’s end.

You may conquer any Hill or Farmland region with 1 less token than normal. A minimum of 1 is still required.

At the end of the turn, collect 1 bonus coin for each non-empty region you conquered this turn.

You may conquer Seas and Lakes as if they were empty regions. You keep these regions even after going into decline.

When declined, your Spirit race tokens never count toward the ‘only 1 race in decline at a time’ limit. If a third race you control goes into decline, your Spirits remain on the board and the other declines race disappears as normal.

You may go in decline at the end of a turn of conquests, after scoring.

Collect 1 bonus coin for each Swamp region you occupy at turn’s end.

Conquer any Cavern region with 1 less token than normal. A minimum of 1 is still required. All Cavern regions are considered adjacent to each other for your conquests.

Collect 7 bonus coins at the end of your first turn.

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04-14-2010, 03:53 AM
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I would have loved to get this game, but without a 1 player mode it's a no buy for me.
04-14-2010, 05:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Karma32 View Post
I would have loved to get this game, but without a 1 player mode it's a no buy for me.
100% agree!

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04-14-2010, 06:08 AM
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Can anyone figure out WTF your supposed to do with this game? I tired to play it read the instructions but made NO SENSE.

I picked a player and started the game seems I drag my guys to empty spots. Sometimes after dragging them there it on empty spots the guys just disappear. It rolls a dice and 95% of the time it comes up blank.

Than its someone else s turn. He does the same. No battles just rolling a dice blank..

Looks nice but no new player will grasp the game..
04-14-2010, 07:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Dorfdad View Post
Can anyone figure out WTF your supposed to do with this game? I tired to play it read the instructions but made NO SENSE.

I picked a player and started the game seems I drag my guys to empty spots. Sometimes after dragging them there it on empty spots the guys just disappear. It rolls a dice and 95% of the time it comes up blank.

Than its someone else s turn. He does the same. No battles just rolling a dice blank..

Looks nice but no new player will grasp the game..
I thought the directions that came with it did a pretty good job of explaining how to play the game.
04-14-2010, 08:13 AM
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If you conquer a non-occupied land it is 2 of your guys. If unoccupied mountain it is 3 guys since mountain has +1 defense. For each enemy in the land you need a guy.

Example an enemy has 2 guys in the mountain. You need 2 + 1 for mountain + 2 for the two enemies so 5 guys to conquer the territory. If you only have four troops you can still attack and hope for a dice roll of at least one pip otherwise your conquest is a failure and you just redeploy your troops.

If your low on troops and probably won't conquer much more land you should put your civilization into decline. Game consists of 10 rounds and player with highest victory points is victorious.

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