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App description: Now available FREE!

Come and experience one of the most intense, action packed games on the App Store today!

Battle Blaster puts you in command of a remote space station on the outer reaches of the known galaxy. Your job is to protect it and its not going to be easy.

You will need to be fast to survive. Your little space station isn't without tricks of its own. You will have to use every special power and weapon available if you want to survive... and don't forget to recharge your shields!

Are you ready for the incoming attack? Think you can destroy the enemy? Get Battle Blaster today and find out!

-- Game Hints --

There is a quick 2 minute tutorial available. If you find the game really hard, try the tutorial, it has some hints that might help you.

Oh and for those of you who won't do the tutorial, tap the Space Station to regenerate its shields. You won't make it far unless you do that. :-)

-- Game Features --

-Rich, detailed graphics and intense space backgrounds

-Engaging game soundtracks and explosive sound effects

-25 Action Packed Levels

-3 Difficulty Levels from Easy to OMG Hard

-Openfeint Integration with 22 Hidden Achievements

bteeter's comments:
At work/school/church and bored? Cool head to the bathroom and take a break!

Battle Blaster - the perfect game for the long bathroom break - is out and available in the app store!

Battle Blaster is an intense tap attack arcade game. It features 25 levels, 3 difficulty settings and a load of OpenFeint tracked achievements.

Check it out on the app store today and make your next bathroom break more enjoyable!

Interested but not sure you want to drop $1 on it? Try the free version:

04-05-2010, 04:36 PM
Joined: Nov 2009
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I had no idea there was a game called Battle Blasters out there. In fact if you search the App Store as I just did for Battle Blaster, Battle Blasters does not even come up.

(Edit: Not to mention if I'm going to copy someone's name I would choose a really popular app name to copy, not some tiny product. No, if I was going to copy something this game would have been called Madden 2011.)

Anyways, I think there is nothing to be worried about. Battle Blasters looks cool and is a completely different game.

Battle Blaster: Voted best game for Long Work Bathroom breaks by users everywhere

Love-O-Meter: Guys, impress your ladies with the size of your Love Power!

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