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App description: "All in all, Starship Shooter HD is a gripping, fun game thats filled with depth and game play. The game is right on target and definitely worth the purchase for those looking for a quality action game to sink their teeth into." - Tony from iphoneappreviews.net

Starship Shooter is a remake of multiple classic shooters. This game will take you back to the excitement of tapping as fast as you can to obliterate the enemy, and saving up to customize your perfect super weapon which leaves no pixel safe.

The gameplay revolves around two core elements: shooting and upgrading. Weapons can be upgraded, to make them more powerful, easier to use and to add additional touches to aim with multiple fingers.

The game has multiple difficulties to ease the learning curve. The learning curve involves learning how to shoot, how to counter enemy attacks and knowing what upgrade paths to take.

Overall the game has lots of depth and will take some time to master.

You can exit and resume the game at any time. The game allows you to play your own music and will mix the sound effects with your music without a performance hit.

thecheatah's comments:
I am a developer who has been developing Starship Shooter for 10 months.

It's a game where the player ship is attached to the border of the screen. You tap on the screen to shoot and what not.

Quite fun.


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I have some promo codes:

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Will post impressions soon.

Currently beta testing/ have beta tested: Novarift, New York Zombies (NYZ), Depict, Armada: galactic war.
Alpha Testing: Mission Europa.
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PS: How do you insert youtube links and that nice frame which shows info on your app?
Look here
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All gone! That didn't take long, huh?

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I had an more codes in the iPad section. Those are all gone too.

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