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App description: *** Called "Must-Have" by theappleblog.com! ***
A digital board game in which up to four players control hilarious bees to collect the most honey. Perfect for your new iPad!

Three game variations and three bee types make for a game with a deceptively deep strategy that's easy to learn and challenging to master. Amass your honey pile using baskets, bravery, and of course, your brains!

- Join up to three of your friends in a multiplayer game on a single device
- Share an iPad on a flat surface such as a table, just like a normal board game
- Pass an iPhone or iPod Touch between players to play nearly anywhere
- Practice against the computer in a single player game you can enjoy anytime
- Master all the bee types: the no-buzz basic bee; the bucket bee, a born collector; and the brave bee, a good pal to have in a tight spot
- Increase the depth and complexity of play with three game variations
- Hilarious bee characters, vibrant graphics, and tons of replayability

Learn what the buzz is about - play today!

mrbass's comments:

This is a clone of Hey That's My Fish which I own. It's like a 10 min game but has a 5 min setup time about. With this iPad version it's fun to play with kids and zero setup time obviously. Note I wouldn't buy this game unless you plan on playing it with little kids. Great boardgame to play with 1 to 4 players. It has a decent amount of blocking going on to isolate your opponents to keep it interesting for adults.
04-07-2010, 10:18 PM
04-09-2010, 03:03 PM
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I like this game, however, there are a few bugs in it. Once it said I won even though I had the lowest amount of honey. Then twice it has frozen in the since it won't allow the next player to move as it keeps saying it's the current player's turn even though they already moved..just keeps flashing. The frozen stuff happens with normal and advanced modes 4 players.

I do wish we could choose what kind of mix we want for example add three are flying bees or two flying bees with one normal bee.