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App description: If it has a Face, you can Fight it!

FaceFighter is the fighting game where YOUR FRIENDS are your foes ... and now, ONLY ON iPad, two friends can fight on the same device!

Downloaded over three million times on iPhone and iPod touch, FaceFighter explodes on the iPad as FaceFighter Face2Face! This deluxe, iPad-optimized edition includes all the fighters, weapons, and finishing moves of FaceFighter (including our latest in-app paid downloads) PLUS exclusive head-to-head multiplayer.

FaceFighter bouts are as simple as a three-punch boxing combo:

1) Get a picture.
2) Drop your foes face on top of a body.

Designed by the creator of the legendary Ready-2-Rumble Boxing franchise, FaceFighter is simple to play but challenging to master. Pummel your opponent with fists and feet, or kick butt with an arsenal of crazy weapons like wrenches, hammers, and even a ukulele. Give your foe black eyes, a busted nose, and swollen lips, and share photos of your fallen foes via email, Facebook, and Twitter. Create as many custom enemies as you like, or slug it out with seven pre-made foes, like the sinister Enemy Mime, or the angst-ridden vampire teenager, Deadward. Dispatch your opponents with over-the-top Immortal Judgment finishing moves, like piranha attacks, lightning strikes, and UFO abductions!

Appy_Entertainment's comments:
We've released our first iPad game -- FaceFighter Face2Face!

Our deluxe version of FaceFighter includes all the content from the iPhone version, including the recent premium downloads. It also features our unique twist on multiplayer, allowing two players to battle it out on the same iPad.

I have five promo codes for FaceFighter Face2Face for Touch Arcade readers. I will give them to the first five readers to post here. I will contact you via DM after you post to give you your code.

Please don't request a code unless you already have an iPad, or plan to buy one soon. Codes expire in thirty days, and work only on the U.S. App Store.

You can read more about FaceFighter Face2Face at the game's web page, and if you are too late to get a code, you can buy the game the App Store.

04-08-2010, 04:40 PM
Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 27
looks like a fun game would love to play it

04-08-2010, 04:41 PM
Joined: Feb 2010
Posts: 437
I'd love to try it.
04-08-2010, 04:44 PM
Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 27
I'll try this game. Thx
04-08-2010, 04:44 PM
Joined: Jun 2009
Posts: 10,506
Loved it on the iphone. I'm definitely getting an iPad but wont be happening for atleast a few weeks though
04-08-2010, 04:52 PM
Joined: Jun 2009
Posts: 11,187
Hope I get one, I love the original!

Originally Posted by NickFalk View Post

Worst idea ever!
04-08-2010, 04:52 PM
Joined: Jun 2009
Posts: 754
can i have a code
04-08-2010, 04:54 PM
Joined: Feb 2009
Posts: 108
Happy iPad owner here
04-08-2010, 05:03 PM
Joined: Jan 2010
Location: United Kingdom
Posts: 74
oh....a wee bit late...
04-08-2010, 05:03 PM
Joined: Jan 2009
Location: Carlsbad, CA
Posts: 136
Wow, that was fast!

Didn't think there would be so many iPad owners out there in the forums.

OK, we don't want to disappoint anyone, so instead of five codes, we'll give away ten.

Keep posting!

(Those that have already posted, sit tight, I will send your codes shortly).

Paul O'Connor
Appy Entertainment
dev blog: http://www.appygamesblog.com/
twitter: @Appy