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iPhone: Centipede - High Scores

02-14-2009, 04:13 PM
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Centipede - High Scores

Hello all,

Ok, I am currently quite the Centipedaholic (Ultra Mode), but the lack of any on-line high scores is making me feel a bit lonely Anybody care to share their score with one and all? I'll start:

Ultra Mode: 305797

Please let there be someone out there with a higher score....

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02-14-2009, 05:11 PM
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Cool, i was wondering what kind of scores were out there for Centipede.

I have 430,925 and 425,523 points in Ultra mode (clearly the best mode!)

I love the game, but the only con is that your eyes start to hurt after the 20 or 30 minutes it takes to get there.

That's why i marvel at the hour + times of the best Blue Attack scores. (tho i feel that game is not as hard on the eyeballs as Cent is in crazy Ultra)

I haven't played it in a while but i will go for it again soon.

btw, i have played almost every version of Centipede from the arcade to 5 or 6 console versions and have even recently checked my Atari Classics Evolved on the PSP and this iPhone/touch version is better/different and spanks everything else hands down...

Gravity is my game :: Top Slingshot Player and working to get my #1 spot in Orbital back...

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02-14-2009, 05:31 PM
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Yay, another Centipede fan And a Centipede Pro at that. And damn it....your better than me. But don't you worry, I shall be back to that little gem before not too long (in a few minutes time probably) and try my best to beat 'Garrett' with his 500,000 (I am beginning to think these people on the high scores list really exist...sad I know. But don't worry, when I start developing profiles for them I shall personally call the men in white coats).

Anyway, watch this space.

ps. I've only ever played the iPhone version. So happy to hear it's the dogs dangly's of Centipede's out there

pps. Anymore of you out there? Go on, scream it to the world....or the Touch Arcade community at the very least

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