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"Tiptop: the last march." in the App Store on April 15.

04-14-2010, 02:36 PM
"Tiptop: the last march." in the App Store on April 15.


Probably, you already saw our games: Charadium and Quizarium.

And now it's time for Tiptop. It'll be available on the App Store tomorrow and will cost only $0.99 for several days.

Holy mission! Blind devotion!

Simple line-drawing controls coupled with Lemmings-style gameplay.

Save the mankind from swine flu pandemia, pull the world economy out of recession and do all the other things typical of an average superhero! A brave and desperate squad you control can’t wait to pass through 20 intensely challenging levels to discover where the real Evil lurks.

Lemmings-style gameplay with easy-to-use controls. Use one finger to draw a path for your heroes and two fingers to move the screen.

Twisted and thrilling plot. Discover 5 different worlds – the USA, Mexico, a TV show studio, Wall Street district and, finally, an alien starship – to fight global problems of modern age and find out their causes.

Hours of fun and great replay value. You have a variety of obstacles on the way, each of which needs special approach. The levels become increasingly challenging as you proceed.

Amazing graphics and intuitive interface specifically designed to be used on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Requirements: Good sense of humor. You simply can’t do without it while saving the planet!

Defeat the forces of evil with finger deftness and acuity of mind, and be the first to uncover the World’s Biggest Secret Ever!

Come on, the Mankind needs you!

Catomic is out! Send Kitties to Mars!
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04-14-2010, 04:21 PM
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This looks awesome

Invaders Must Die.