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App description: "Fun and challenging, thats Mazeness for you on the iPhone!" (iPhoneFootprint.com)

"Creative puzzle game with accelerometer control!" (appshouter.com)

"Mazeness is a challenging and exciting game and will bring hours of amuzement." (appnewsandreviews.com)

Mazeness is splendid double maze puzzle. The game is full of fascinated features like one turn holders, teleports and crashed tiles.

The goal of the game is rather simple - you need to bring all the balls (up to 4 per level!) to their goals at the same time with help of barriers and holders. In spite of seeming simplicity it's not that easy.

The difficulty of 44 levels is growing little by little from level to level.
04-15-2010, 03:44 AM
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Anyone wanna TOFTT?

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Game Impressions

This is a pretty good puzzle game. It plays similar to another game in the app store called Double Maze, but for those who aren't familiar with the concept of these types of puzzle games... in this one there are 2 playing fields next to eachother and both have blobs on them. The object of the game is to get the blobs to the targets. Doing so isn't always so simple, all of the blobs move simultaneously to your directional commands, so you have to figure a way to get them to the targets without losing any of them, and then position all of them on the targets at the same time for the level to end. If you lose any blobs on the way to the target you will be forced to have to restart the level.

Obstacles are setup in each level. Barriers in certain locations can be used to help you hold one blob safely while attempting to maneuver another, but the same barriers can also be a nuisance or a blockade in your way when you don't need them. Some levels have teleports which are used to transport you from one area of the field to another area that you need to get to. Most of the levels have dangers you have to work around such as fireblowers, crashed tiles, and pitfalls, and you also have to worry about falling off the edges of the playing fields. Mostly you have to worry about getting stuck, while one blob may be positioned perfectly the other may be set for failure. So basically the goal is to just get them all set up to get to the target safely, position them there and move on to the next level. The levels are timed so another goal is to make it through as fast as you can, all times are added to a best times list for each level. After the first few levels the game starts to ramp up in difficulty.

For controlling the blob movement you have an option of using the accelerometer or touch swipe controls. They both work, but the swipe option was a little touchy, sometimes swiping mostly left and slightly up (for example) would cause the blob to go up instead of left. But the option does work as long as you are exact and precise about the direction you swipe in.

Overall its a pretty solid game. Puzzle gamers should get a little challenging fun out of it. There are 44 levels so there's a satisfying length to the game. The graphics are okay...nothing too fancy, but the animations of the blob moving is kind of cool. There are a few sound effects to go with the gameplay. I like the game, level design is good. The graphics are not bad, but not as flashy as they could be, but for a puzzle game this app gets the job done. 8/10

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Game price is lowered to 0.99. Please update the topic name.
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The game is free for a while.

If you like puzzles where you need to think before you move, you will like this game. Try it and please let us know what you think.