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Plush-Arena (game ideas)

04-17-2010, 10:32 AM
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Plush-Arena (game ideas)

This thread is a collection of ideas......

overall vision:
basically design a multi-player (both competitive & cooperative) dual stick shooter based game.

of course while a multi-player DSS might be a novelty at first unless you come correct with innovative core elements of gameplay designed from the ground up for a multi-player experience you will end up with something not so compelling...

which is where i come in

one way to do this would be to re-imagine a halo-esque core formula...

-everyone is the same kind of character/class

-deploy-ables (a bubble shield, power/slowness drain, overshield, regen, invisy ect)

-vehicles on the map, vehicles can be jacked...

-regenerating shields (duh)

-melee twice = kill (duh)

-grenades and an assortment of weapons (you can only equip 2) placed around the map

the second and more unique way to do this is a plush arena...

-in this formula there is a whole assortment of characters to choose from (the more the better) and in this aspect it would be more like a fighter game in that each character has their own unique personality, unique attributes and abilities and when taken out of context (in this case a fighter game) and applied to a larger scale type multi player shooter game; you never know who your going to face and that randomness of combination will add a whole other level of depth to the experience (i will list character ideas below)

-power-ups? if so they should be more generic and in the traditional arcade style. a la - they spawn on the map and bounce around whoever runs into them first gets it (and when you run into it the power-up its automatically used). i will list some ideas for power-ups below...not sure if this is needed actually since skills will play a crucial role in the strategy but will def keep this in mind while i brainstorm...

-no vehicles

-would definitely use regenerating shields and a health gauge instead of health and health boxes, the shields is almost a defacto standard for any modern day shooter

-melee twice = kill, of course that would work well for this formula too

-no weapons on map, characters only have one weapon and a melee attack. each character's weapon is a long range weapon that has unique attributes like speed, spread, and damage

-in addition there will also be skills. should be limited to just one unique skill per character. there is no limit but there is a cool down period

-HP critical buffs?


*plush ninja
-long range weapon = ninja stars (fast double spead but weak for example)
-melee's with a katana or dagger kind of blade in the animation
-skills; smoke bomb (think of this like a bubble shield)

*plush pirate
-long range weapon = flint lock pistol (slow single spread but very powerful)
-melee animation is like a regular sword
-skill; pirate grog a la over-shield (drink it multiple times and you start to get drunk like run in opposite directions for X amount of secs

*plush robot
-long range weapon = lasers?
-melee animation = punches
-skill = ground stomp that will stun enemies briefly

*plush old school mafia gangsta?
-tommy gun? to powerful?

*plush idk

the challenge is designing characters that are kinda like archetypes and ensuring there is balance...

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04-17-2010, 11:02 AM
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scheme 1: DSS without the sticks....

-first thumb or finger to land on the screen (anywhere) controls the movement like super sensitive VJ style

-the second thumb or finger to touch the screen (anywhere) controls the aim and fire of long range weapon like super sensitive wheel (rotating thumb or finger in a circular fashion) and VJ style; (slide thumb towards where you want to shoot fashion) game will recognize both...

-think of this like a DSS without the sticks

-melee is done by holding one thumb or finger on screen and tapping with the other anywhere on the screen at any time (well except on an on-screen button tho)

-skill = tap on screen button (center bottom but can be moved and adjusted by player)

-flick to dash/doge or roll in that direction

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04-17-2010, 11:25 AM
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Presentation thoughts:

-very plushy cartoon-ish cuteness (if that makes any sense)

-plush style

-cell shaded levels/maps (like mini-gore for example)


additional game play thoughts:

-the projectiles/bullets fire slowishly (like guerrilla bob) and don't move as fast as they do in a straight up DSS

-each character's weapon have unique attributes (speed, spread, damage)

-i would shoot for 8 players either in an all out death-match or 4v4

-arcade mode where up to 4 players can work together to fight an onslaught of enemies and boss waves

-a 1v1 optimized mode


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06-11-2010, 06:28 AM
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i skimmed through some of my old posts and found this idea, which even with some hindsight still feels like it would have merit and sell very well. so i decided to chip in with some more thoughts.... to see if i can get any feedback

character roster:
-plush teddy
-plush ninja
-plush elf
-plush wizard
-plush mafia-gangsta (godfather tommy gun style)
-plush robot
-plush pirate
-plush ????
-any ideas?

i want it to be more like a 2D fighter where each character is inherently unique, rather then a roster of just generic characters that only varry in appearance alone


-floating point dual virtual joysticks (like mini-gore) that can be adjusted in the settings (moved around, increase or decrease size and transparency ect)

works just like every other DSS except the right VJ has additional inputs:
-flicks to dash, roll, ect
-and tap to do melee

power-ups: contextual pop up button that appears bottom-center of the screen between the two virtual joysticks

grenades: contextual pop up button bottom center, both the grenades and power up buttons will be big icons but if you have grenades and collect a power up they will automatically scale to fit nicely together bottom center of the screen.

using grenades: tap grenade icon to select it (to change back just tap icon again to un-select) once a grenade is selected aim with the right VJ lift thumb off the VJ to throw


-will use mini-gore's radar system

top left pause/menu button.

top right weapon icon that will display clip info, plus you can tap it to manually reload when you want to

mini-banner: in between the pause button on the left and the weapon icon on the right. it should be center aligned and hugging the top of the screen. this banner will display stats of the match. you can also tap on it to expand into a half screen menu about the size of a text pop up (maybe a little bigger) but transparent (see thru) just tap top banner again to close the stats board

gameplay description......

single player: matches with bots
multiplayer: local (bluetooth & wifi) and online

-team deathmatch 2v2
-1v1 matches
-anything else? would CTF, territories, king of the hill translate well to a DSS?

gameplay thoughts.............

each character will have unique attributes:
-spread (single shot, double shot ect)
-projectile speed
-clip size

add more gameplay thoughts here

addtional thoughts:
-use HP (same for all characters) and recharging shields (like halo)
-melee: just like halo too where one hit knocks out shields, another one kills...

power ups will be:
-bubble shield
-energy drain
-skill power-up?

the power ups work by tapping simply tapping on the icon when you want to deploy it, the power-up will automatically be thrown where your character is facing, and in the case of the energy drain it will be thrown just far enough so that it doesn't damage you in the process, the over-shield automatically initializes the second you run into it

-characters appearance will change when shields are drained, and they are low on hp flash red effect or something like that
-the radar system will also indicate if enemy has a power up and show what that power up is

characters thoughts:

each character will have a unique personality in that they each have their own voice over commentary, and have different sound effects for their weapons, and make unique grunts, "ughs" and "ahhhs" when they get hit or die

unlock-able alternate costumes, which come with their own unique stats, weapons, and melee attacks...

plus teddy:
-weapon: cotton-balls? that the teddy graps from rips in its torso and throws?
-melee: teddy punch and teddy kick
-stats?? slow but very powerful?
-design & personality thoughts?
-what could the skill power-up be?

plus ninja
-weapon: ninja stars of course
-melee: small dagger slashes
-stats?? fast but not very powerful?
-design & personality thoughts?
-what could the skill power-up be?

plus elf:
-weapon: bow and arrow of course
-melee: small sword
-design & personality thoughts?
-what could the skill power-up be?

plus wizard:
-weapon: wand and magic
-melee: wand swings
-design & personality thoughts??
-what could the skill power-up be?

plus mafia gangsta:
-weapon: snub nose 6 shot revolver
-melee: knife stabs, and slashes
-design & personality thoughts?
-what could the skill power-up be?

plush robot:
-weapon: lasers of course
-melee: robot punches
-design & personality thoughts
-what could the skill power-up be?

plush pirate:
-weapon: flintlock pistol
-melee: pirate sword
-design and personality thoughts?
-what could the skill power-up be?

any other ideas for characters....

what do i mean by plush?
-stuffed toy art style
-anime ish stuffed toy art style
-anime/emo-ish stuffed toy art style
-or stichy tim burton style
-cell shaded style (mini gore)

thats kinda what i mean when i say plush....

-ideas for maps?
-how many maps?

keep in mind as far as i know (please correct me if im wrong), there still isnt a DSS (like minigore) with competitive (deathmatch) multi-player features or designed from the ground up to be a competitive multi-player game

and many months later (this is an old thread) theres still a HUGE opportunity there. the whole DSS genre is starting to become over-crowded and stagnant a release such as this would definitely catch some media attention, and could easily re-define the genre going forward!!

dont underestimate competitive multi-player it's that big of a deal

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06-11-2010, 10:59 AM
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additional thoughts......

i would like to use a classic arcade 2D fighter countdown like "3, 2, 1, Fight" to kick off each match with style!

when spawning you will be invisible/invincible for X amount of seconds

lobby driven: quick match, create game, join game. this would condense a lot options into a single page through the use of lobbies aka create/join a game, so users don't have to jump through multiple hoops (pages) to get into the action... they just tweak a few settings via toggles, scroll through select/highlight a map, tick/highlight a character-thumbnail image, then hit start

would ideally like to shoot for 6-8 players on wifi, and 4x4 through 3G

MW2 style: levels (duh), call-signs and emblems. where gamers can unlock new call-signs and emblems as they level up and by earning achievements

un-lockable characters, and un-lockable outfits/load-outs for each character, where the outfit isnt just a different visual appearance but also comes with a new weapon, melee, stats, and personality...


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06-11-2010, 11:20 AM
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Joking . Interesting idea. I know most of your ideas you don't plan on creating, but you used words such as 'will' and 'shall'. Does this mean...?

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06-11-2010, 11:48 AM
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You should make it yourself.
06-11-2010, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Mondae View Post

You should make it yourself.
Objective-C is a pretty complicated language (from what I can tell).

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06-11-2010, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by SunriseMoon View Post
Objective-C is a pretty complicated language (from what I can tell).
Well.... What about Objectives A or B?
06-11-2010, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Mondae View Post
Well.... What about Objectives A or B?
Obj-C = Only programming language for the iPhone.

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