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App description:
66% OFF SALE to celebrate updating.

Thanks to your support, CrazyBomb now updated to ver 1.2
1.3 update ready for review ,
coming soon.

Bosses added : 2 bosses added in arcademode.
& You can reach ending of arcademode , if you defeat "CrazyDragon"

New Item (AAgun) : AAgun help you to defeat bosses&bombs


Crazybomb is light but a addictive Bomb avoiding game.
You can simply eat different kinds of food while avoiding bombs.

Further, you will achieve more scores provided you know the rules as described below.

* Get 2 points whenever you take a food, but only one point if you pick up the food from the ground.
* Bonus points for consecutive eating up.
* Your character will be changed and get stronger as you level up (1.1 update)
* Endless items will be provided on the right and left corners of the monitor. Take the items as you get closer to them.
* You will get fatter as you take more food. Diet whenever possible because you can not eat the food when being fat enough.
Challenge after identifying your ranking.


irisred's comments:
Crazy Bomb & Crazy Bomb Lite relesed.

LITE version here

Youtube link | Pop Up

Youtube link | Pop Up



10 redeem codes(ver 1.0) free of charge! Have fun and would be nice to have your review.


This code all gone before. It is code at 1.0version.

New promo codes are in promo codes forum.

(I'm sorry that posted promo codes here before , I'm newbie getting to know about this site.)
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All gone and not one reply, why do I think most of the people who horde promo codes have never paid once for a single app??

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Game looks interesting, wish someone would post some impressions.
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Originally Posted by Natron View Post
All gone and not one reply, why do I think most of the people who horde promo codes have never paid once for a single app??
I agree with you my friend ...

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Game Impressions

Seems like a $0.99 game. Fun if you're on the run and have only a few minutes to game. Nice looking characters too but I was more focused on not to get hit by bombs to look at em. Not a fan of having to submit upgrade score only cause it takes a few extra seconds to click wait and restart game.
04-22-2010, 11:42 PM
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xraeaeehy497 thanks

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We released "Crazy Bomb" LITE version today.

and 12 promo codes "Crazy Bomb" in promo codes forum.

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price drop:$2.99→ $.99