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App description: SaveEarth taks the traditional retro missile arcade game and adds a full 360 degree playing field. Color now also plays a critical role, as missiles must match the color of the target.

As the game progresses, more and more missiles come faster and faster. The gameplay quickly evolves into a frantic attempt to stem off hordes of incoming missiles.

SaveEarth utilizes innovative save and resume - entire game state is saved and restored in an instant.

-Full 360 degree playing field
-All device orientations are supported
-Use Multi-touch to launch missiles
-Particle explosion effects offer gratuitous eye-candy
-See your ranking on our global high score server
-Fast OpenGL ES Graphics

OptimisticMonkey's comments:
SaveEarth HD is available for the iPad!

AppStore Link
Casual Distraction Games

SaveEarth HD is a new take on the classic retro missile command genre

Features include:
  • Full 360-degree playing field
  • Support for all iPad orientations
  • Unique twist - explosion color must match target color
  • "Perfect" save and resume game state - even in mid-explosion
04-25-2010, 11:29 AM
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04-25-2010, 11:39 AM
I'm happy to give this a try ..... used 4PA6RH3943A7

Thank you!

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Got PNW4MYRP96XT, thank you very much.
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JF69WFJNP399 used, will have a go and leave a review
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