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  • Publisher: Ti Studios LLC
  • Genre: Word
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 8.0 MB
  • Version: 3.2
  • Price: $0.99
  • Average User Rating:
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App description: Prolix is a word game that differs from the classic "touch the tiles to spell" games. Instead, you move the falling letters to spell words with the speed increasing at each level until you fill the board (or time runs out in Time Attack mode) and the game is over. As you earn points, you will be rewarded with special tiles such as Bombs and Shakes that will help you through the levels. Prolix allows you to play your iPod in the background so you can choose your own music to go with the sound effects while you attempt a high score. With iPhone OS 3.0 or later, you can even start your music directly from Prolix, with no need to exit to change songs!

Features of Prolix:
- Classic mode: increasing speed on each level
- Time Attack mode: play against the clock with a faster, constant tile speed
- Official SOWPODS dictionary to spell words
- Special Bomb and Shake abilities. Bomb away unwanted letters and shake your device to scramble and prevent ending the game.
- Random wild tiles to help you capture high scoring words
- Access your iPod directly from Prolix to start playing background music (iPhone OS 3.0 or later)
- Sound effects that will play over your own music or can be turned off if you choose
- 8 different tile graphics for you to choose from. Currently included: Wood, Sleek, Metal, Keyboard, Blocks, Ivory, Ninja, and Pirate
- Global online leaderboards allowing you to submit your scores in both modes and compare against players from around the world
- Facebook Connect allowing you to post your results to your wall
- Automatically saves and pauses when you get a phone call. Quit your game at any time and resume where you left off.

*** New Features for 3.0+ ***
- New AGON online global leaderboards
- Facebook Connect to allow you to post your scores to your wall
- Official SOWPODS dictionary
- Access your iPod music directly from Prolix (iPhone OS 3.0 or later)
- 2 new tile sets - Metal and Ninja

jon@tistudios's comments:
Hey everyone. I'm excited to announce that Ti Studios has released a 2nd game today!

I'll give a brief back story on Ti Studios if you are interested:
My fiancee and I started developing back in early '09 for the iPhone. She was programming, and I was doing the design/art for the project. It took a while to get our first app out, but we finally released Prolix (a word game) in June 2009.

In retrospect, we should have gone with a title that wasn't so specific to an audience, as word-games are not popular with many people. In any case, it felt great to have a game complete, and it did well for a little while. However, as with most apps after a month or so it dropped off into oblivion.

Prolix's slow decent into obscurity was a bit depressing, and ultimately crushed our optimism into developing for the App Store (a tale of many developers for sure). We had pretty much given up on our development idea, until very late in the year.

My fiancee's desire to code had waned significantly, and I figured our company would end. Although I am very experienced in how games are created - logic and methods - I do not know the programming language at all. However, at the end of 2009 I discovered something called "GameSalad". For lack of a better description, GameSalad is a visual method to programming games. This program allowed me to take my knowledge of game logic and apply it in a method I was able to pick up very quickly. The longer I played with it, the more I advanced I realized I could get. In February, I started on a small game that I had wanted to make since we founded Ti Studios. A few weeks ago, I finally finished Snow Trax, and today it's available on the App Store.

Snow Trax!

Snow Trax is a simple touch-and-tilt racer. Currently, it has 16 different levels filled with snow-covered obstacles for you to maneuver through, or crash into!

Snow Trax - iTunes Link

This was created 100% by me, just using GameSalad to create the "code", and to be honest I'm pretty proud of that. This turned out to be a bit of a challenge as I had to come up with some clever workarounds to achieve some of the desired results, but in the end I was really impressed with the relative ease I was able to create it using GameSalad. I wanted to add more to the game, but unfortunately I've hit the limit that the older devices can handle. If I add much more, the older devices' frame-rate will drop to a level I'm just not happy with. I did not want to exclude any users, so I kept it the way it is - I even added an option to toggle to a lower quality mode for a little better performance. If the game is well-received, I do plan on adding more levels/content into it, and if I do update it, I will be looking to make it even more efficient to keep it running well.

Youtube link | Pop Up

For those of you that read all the way to this point, thanks! Though I'm sure most skipped down to the "free promo" message here.


I'm giving out 6 promo codes to Touch Arcade readers. I don't want to feed the lurkers though, so here's how it'll work:

The first person to respond that fits in each of the following categories will get a promo code. (I will PM it to the forum member)

Member with 1-100 posts - davemich66
Member with 101-300 posts - pcgeek73
Member with 301-500 posts - EMTKiNG
Member with 501-1000 posts - Joshn
Member with 1000-2499 posts - goiMot
Member with 2500+ posts - freedog
(One code per group)

All Codes have been taken! Thank you all.

If you like the game, I would appreciate a review in iTunes. If you have problems or suggestions, you can email me at support@ti-studios.com.


Again, if you read all the background above, thank you. I'm currently working on a title for the iPad with Gamesalad, and then I plan on making another title for the iPhone. So far the quality of what I have made with Gamesalad has increased exponentially each time, so expect anything further to be greatly improved! If you have suggestions or requests for my next iPhone title, please let me know.

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id like to try it please

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the game looks great I would like a promo code. Thanks.
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DIF love a code

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In, please.

Update: LOL, you got it, rich_952000. Less than a minute.

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I'd love to check this out too. Thanks!

Edit: Looks like my category is taken...

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sent a PM and posting hopefully I get a code game looks awesome!!!
05-05-2010, 12:49 PM
I would love to try this game! Thanks!
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Looks nice. Congratulations!
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I would like to try it, thanks