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App description: Tumblie pits the player against gravity in a set of fun and challenging vertically aligned puzzles. Players are tasked with systematically removing portions of a tower -- whose structure is composed of various unconnected shapes -- in order to control the movement of the games central character, a star, as it falls downwards towards a stage. Fall to the sides or miss the stage and its game over.

Tumblie was developed to provide users with a casual yet mentally engaging gaming experience and the game includes a variety of features that together make for a well-rounded game that could be enjoyed more many times over. Tumblie features multiple levels of escalating difficulty as well as a point system that allows players to buy a variety of extra features within the game including new playable star characters, tower block shapes, and background illustrations.

Recently updated to provide the smoothest gaming experience possible and boasting a newly redesigned game icon Tumblie makes for a welcome distraction to the day, allowing anyone to turn a moment of down time into an exciting opportunity to enjoy engaging recreational game play.

App Features:

Scaled levels increasing in complexity and difficulty
HD capability
Un-lockable characters and extra features
Accurate physics-based in-game motion
Interactive game menu

Tumblie is developed by Ragnar Inc.
05-01-2011, 03:36 AM
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Game Impressions

This interestingly designed game, falls down at some basic level with quite a few missing elements, and stressfully annoying sound effects. There's an interesting concept for exchanging score for levels and other unlocks but its completely unclear what they are and how to use it, adding to the confusion of this game

It wasn't long before we got tired of the sounds and the dull appearance of the objects in the game... No music and unengagng overall design drops this game out of the box.

Tiki Totems is a better option for this genre