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iPhone: Can Ball - OMG FREE DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!

05-08-2010, 09:22 AM
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Hey everyone,

Can Ball is free for one week only. Download it now and leave a post telling me what you think about it. I'd appreciate the feedback. Thank you!


05-08-2010, 06:50 PM
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hello! I am really liking your game; its like a mixture of paper toss and ragdoll blaster. My recommendations: first off, I would make another control option or two available for it; it can be hard to see exactly where you are aiming the ball when your finger is right there. A few could be an inch or two offset so you can see exactly what you are doing, a d-pad at the bottom-left of the screen (<---i like this the best) , a single tap to launch it, a flick (although that could be hard), and/or a dual control method as seen in tank games, where you adjust the angle and the power separately and press a fire button (see below).
an alternative of this would be to tap once to start the angle thingy moving, again to set it and begin the power meter moving back and forth, and a 3rd time to launch it. Alternatively, holding your finger down could also adjust how far/what andgle you shoot it at (the longer you hold, the more the power goes up, etc) Also, I would try adding an easy level and maybe even a medium one as well, where the can is larger for beginner players, and each one would have separate leader boards. Also, another nice feature would be a reset button or something of that sort so if you miss the can, you don't have to wait 5 seconds to shoot again. Finally, if you added cash to the game, a player could use this to modify their skills and unlock new projectiles. For example, 1 in the can could be 1 dollar, the next consecutive would have a 2x multiplier, and so on. you could then allow players to purchase other projectiles such as rubber balls, which bounce much more, whiffle balls, which are lighter, tilt adjustments, which could slightly alter the course of a projectile in mid air, triple balls, which shoot three at a time at different angles, and a tracer, which outlines by multiples of 5 what angles would land where.
Like I mentioned earlier, this game has tons of potential, and is completely awesome. I am enjoying it a lot, and hope you continue making games. If you have any questions or need some more ideas, PM me. I can also give you my email address if you want. Thanks for reading, and keep up the great work.
-Paul Mayer

EDIT: also make an iPad version if possible, this game would kick ass on it

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05-08-2010, 07:16 PM
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Hi Paul,

Wow, Thank you for the suggestions! I like your idea for having different size cans for difficulty levels and also the ability to use different balls. I was kind of thinking about having a special unlock-able gold ball when you reach a certain rank in the leaderboards. I agree that I should implement multiple control methods. The idea of being able to manual set the angle instead of just pointing on the screen would be more accurate. I'll try to squeeze as many things as possible into the next update (the game has only been out for 6 days ).

05-08-2010, 08:14 PM
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Might wanna tone down the thread name, it comes on way too strong.

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05-10-2010, 02:42 PM
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Can Ball has made it into the Top25 Free apps in Netherlands.