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iPhone: Pocket Hero?

02-19-2009, 02:37 AM
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Pocket Hero?

Has anyone tried it?


Want to know how it is
02-19-2009, 02:41 AM
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Looks interesting, the avatar does not fit in with the environment though and that bugs me.

Could just be that smile..

The game does look promising though, if my backlog was smaller I'd try it out.

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02-19-2009, 10:06 AM
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I would be really tempted, as I love Rogue/Hack type games. I am a little wary of this one though. When I see a $1.99 game with the following quote on the developers blog:

Well I've officially sent in the first version of Pocket Hero into Apple! Just awaiting approval! I've been working on Pocket Hero since the beginning of November, and it's taken me a little over 3 months of working late into the morning after coming home from work to get it ready for release, and while it's not 100% everything I want it to be I finally feel it is ready enough to be released!
(my bolds)

I am a tad hesitant to take the plunge.
02-19-2009, 10:48 AM
EDIT: *Yikes - didn't realise I'd written this much...*

I decided to give it a quick try since I was picking up a couple of other things at the same time (I take the dieting approach - if its on a single iTunes invoice then it doesn't really count).

At the start you pick one of three avatars, name it and choose whether to focus (or foucs, as the spelling goes in the menu) on Strength, Mind or Stealth. You can then choose which of the 100 randomly generated dungeon levels to take your new level 1 character into.

So began the tale of Cypri (named after my WoW raiding Priest), who naturally focused on mind. She selected level 1 of the dungeon and found herself in a room, one door blocked by a goblin (turned out to be an orc) and two open doors. (After prodding the screen for a few seconds I realised that you move by sliding your finger in a direction.) She slid into the next room, (which dutifully appeared on the mini-map below), stopping dead centre. Hmm, monsters blocking each door, silently staring her down - may as well slide up to one and see what happens.

As it happens, it turned out to be three orcs who lined up to take turns 'Orc Punch'ing her. Her health didn't seem to be going down that fast. (There was a sword icon at the bottom so I pressed it.) Cypri strolled up to an Orc and lightly stroked its shoulder. Not so good. (The purple bar along the bottom started refilling, Final Fantasy style, and I decided to push the Magic Missile icon on my icon bar. It indented. Another press of the sword icon and Cypri wandered up to the centre orc.) A flash of light later and the Orc took considerably more damage. A short while later the Orcs were dead. (You can switch which enemy you are targeting by sliding them back and forth. Some abilities target multiple enemies, though you only seem to find this out by using them. All your health & mana is regenerated between fights, which I felt took some of the risk out of combat.)

(In return for my win I got a couple of xp and a map. The whole dungeon was visible on my minimap, and those icons looked like chests.) Cypri slid through the now open door in search of treasure.

There in the room lay a chest. Luckily Cypri had had the foresight to bring some keys with her (all the chests must be from the same manufacturer) and she opened the chest. Clearly the keys were made by the lowest bidder as it snapped in the lock. Inside she found a 'Wicked Feather Hat from Germany'. She popped it on her head and immediately felt faster, smarter and stronger. These German hats are great. (In the inventory you can double tap on anything to see a full list of stats. I was amused by her 'Simple Cape with a Tickler' which greatly increased her Dodge. Given that a Tickler is a type of Condom, this seemed appropriate, even if I can't work out its relevance to being Orc Punched.)

A couple of battles later and Cypri had levelled up. A glance through the menu saw a list of various skills under each Focus. Being Mind focussed, Cypri chose to learn 'Aura', a Heal over Time. (I like the fact the combat is real time and many of the abilities are also time based - it ups the urgency of combat a little, especially given the simple interface.)

Learning to heal herself seemed to have been a waste of time, however as Cypri quickly depopulated the area of Orcs. Another level, some more equipment and the 'Firestorm' skill saw her slaying groups of Orcs in seconds. The room ringed in red on the map was calling her. She was level 4 and nothing could stand in her way.

Or maybe it could. There was a gray thing stood blocking this door, but it seemed like a meagre challenge. Cypri slid up to it, and found it had brought two Orc friends. Moments later she found that it hit about 10 times as hard as an Orc too. Moments later she fell to the floor mortally wounded, heal over time be damned. (A sudden massive difficulty spike, and no obvious way of running away from the fight left me with a dead character. I'd gotten a bit bored of fighting Orcs and was planning on picking a different dungeon level when I was suddenly slaughtered. I'm not sure whether I managed to use a healing potion or not - they appear on the side of the screen, but I don't think I managed to trigger it.)

Cypri woke to find herself outside the dungeon, still level 4 and dressed in the clothes she'd been wearing. Sadly, monsters had clearly rifled her bag and everything else was gone. She vowed to return, and give that grey thing the slapping it deserved. (I was kind of hoping she'd be completely dead, as being kicked out of the dungeon without her inventory didn't feel like enough of a punishment. I get the feeling you can grind your way to character level 100 without anything to show for it - I'd have liked perma-death, and some method of keeping score of my achievements.)

I only played for about 20 minutes till my first death, so can't comment on how things develop, but there seem to be a good set of interesting abilities available to level through - certainly more variety than those in Inotia/Dungeon & Hero.

The author admits that most of the graphics were from free resources on the Net, so it would be good to see someone contribute some more suitable artwork. There's no sound at present, which is probably for the best, but there are a few spelling errors.

I hoep the author sells enough copies or gets enough of a response to continue developing this, as I enjoy simple Dungeon crawlers, but I fear that the release of Rogue Touch will probably push this into the shade. Still, it's good to see someone making the effort, and I will be going back to see what lurks in the deeper levels.
02-19-2009, 10:56 AM
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idespair, that was one of the most enjoyable reviews I have read on this message board, thanks!

So combat is real time or phased? If you just were to sit there, the orcs would kill you? Or combat is paused each time it is your turn to select what you are doing?
02-19-2009, 11:16 AM
Combat is mostly real time - leave it alone and the Orcs would kill you. As in Final Fantasy VII a bar shows how long it is until you can act again, whilst enemies will chip in when its their turn, although sadly there doesn't seem to be any way you can see when this will be.

There's some form of turn sequence in effect as if you press attack when something else hitting you, you will have to wait until they finish before you can strike.
02-19-2009, 11:20 AM
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i agree, awesome review - thanks for all the info, well done!
02-19-2009, 11:37 AM
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Thanks for the review, idespair!

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02-19-2009, 11:38 AM
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I bought this as an impulse buy yesterday, though I didn't get even get the 20 minutes into it that idespair did (I bought it right before bed). I think there's a lot of potential to the game, but a few things definitely need to be worked on. The graphics look like they came from many different sources (and now that I've read the informational screen I find that they did), and tend not to blend so well. There are no initial instructions, which isn't much of a problem, but would be helpful. The buttons aren't very responsive, which when setting up a character or starting a game isn't such a big deal, but when attacking can be problematic. At one point I swiped the mini-map and then seemed unable to get it back to showing the room I was in. Overall it's a nice attempt, but with games like Rouge Touch, The Quest and Bethesda Software's rumored game (assuming it's even an RPG), Pocket Hero is going to need some work to stand out.

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02-19-2009, 02:16 PM
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Fantastic review! It looks promising but I might wait for a bit on this one. =)