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App description: Sudoku on a Cube that spins!!! Sudoku has finally gone three-dimensional! And for a limited time you can get this groundbreaking new game at the introductory offer of 67% off the list price.

Visit www.sudokuonacube.com
There you will find helpful videos on how to play, game winning strategies, contests for cash and how Sudoku 3D makes you smarter.

Sudoku 3D, by oBo Games, has figured out how to put millions of Sudoku puzzles onto a cube. Then they added all sorts of fun features to make your puzzling experience very challenging.

"Sudoku in 3D isn't just a gimmick, it's positively fun with Sudoku 3D's color region gameplay replacing the game's traditional rows and columns."

"This cube is the coolest thing since Rubik!"

This is positively the best Sudoku type game Ive ever played! Appinion

If you love Sudoku, this is the next level youll want to take. The App Spotter

How did they do this? Its an instant must-have app for true gamers. App Maverick

500 Million people play Sudoku every day, but not until the release of Sudoku 3D has any of them played in a true 3D environment.

Sudoku 3D has 54 squares on a cube with six different 9-number strings, each having its own color. You spin the cube to search out the missing numbers in order to solve 1 thru 9 on each side AND 1 thru 9 in each color.

The game allows you several ways to play. You can seamlessly toggle back and forth from 3D to 2D modes or select the Color Grid icon and view each color string separately. Should you get stuck there is a Hint Button to give you a number, but it comes with an added 20-second penalty.

Once completed, you can send your scores to your Facebook or Twitter account.


Interactive Cube that fluidly spins on all three axis.
Millions of puzzles randomly generated
3D and 2D play options
4 Levels of Difficulty
Annotation numbers
Hints that insert a number (costs you 20 added seconds)
Optional Auto Corrector to keep you from inserting wrong numbers
View by selected color grid
Clear all numbers button
Pause the game at any time and resume where you left off
Play your own music from your iPod
Postings to Facebook & Twitter

Upcoming Features:

Pass and Play
Online contests with cash prizes
Multiple Themes
Mini Challenges


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jyhjyh's comments:

Ingenious new twist on Sudoku.
As a Sudoku addict I can tell that this a great Sudoku game.

Lots of videos with how to play and tips:
05-10-2010, 01:55 PM
Joined: Mar 2009
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It's a great game and it shpuld get more attention.
Although if you have an jailbroken ipod/iphone be sure to play it only in safe mode till the next update is out,because it keeps crashing in normal mode on the loading screen.
I've already contacted the dev and he told me the update is on it's way.

I'm from Bavaria,it's near Germany
05-10-2010, 04:24 PM
Joined: May 2010
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Finally a new twist on Sudoku

Like the way this cube works. I'm banging out puzzles quickly, but their fun.
05-14-2010, 11:45 AM
Joined: May 2010
Location: Denver; San Francisco; Manila
Posts: 80
A new 'Spin' on Sudoku

I'm enjoying the 3-Duko app. I like the switch from rows and columns to sides (of cube) and color strings. Still not too different from Sudoku. Now...where I put the four?

3-Duko has a site called Sudoku On A Cube. Check it out.