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Yellow Supremacy

05-14-2010, 09:09 PM
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Yellow Supremacy

Hello fellow TAer's!

A very, very long time ago, there was a small, Yellow empire with big plans.

Play Lipillai is announcing the development of a new title - an action strategy space shooter unlike any you've played before: Yellow Supremacy.

Well, sort of unlike any other. Empire Ascendant overlaps a small portion of the general idea of the features. But it is not in any realistic way like Yellow Supremacy.

Anyway, here's the feature bullet points:
  • Top down shooter, similar in perspective to Asteroids or Space Miner
  • Engage in action-packed ship-to-ship, planet, and more combat
  • Conquer your enemies and colonize their planets, using a mix of strategy and nerves of steel
  • Refine your tactics as you research deadly and fun technologies
  • Grow your empire and, after you've built them, call your battle fleets into the fray with you
  • Expand into a larger universe when you’re ready - or be thrown into it when you’re not
  • Take multiple roles, such as commanding planetary defenses, exploring exotic spaces, or leading an intense attack
  • Story and scenario modes: the story is a bit secretive just now... but the scenarios can start you out as everything from a one-planet backwater to a multi-cluster mega-empire with enemies to match
  • Intelligent AI opponents that each have their own personalities - they may attack you, trade with you, ally with you - or stab you in the back when you're not expecting it
  • A very wide and deep tech tree, leading to many possible strategies - you can't invest yourself in every path...
  • Gain the technology and resources to fight galactic-scale battles with exotic and unbelievably destructive super high-technology weapons
  • You're always in the midst of the action, orchestrating it all from your endlessly upgradeable command fighter

A few examples of what you might be doing in the game at any point:
  • Escorting a research ship through dangerous territory to gain valuable technology
  • Wresting control of a strategic jump point
  • Organizing colonization efforts and overseeing production and research
  • Of course, my own personal favorite, a battle scenario: punching through the outer defense ring of a heavily fortified enemy planet, then calling a battle fleet to warp in to your position and occupy the defenses while you dive in for the kill

Does this sound ridiculously fun? That's because it is. The only bad thing about the whole game is that it's a few months away. But I'll be keeping this thread updated with news, trailers, screen shots, in-game footage and more. And answering any questions.

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05-15-2010, 02:19 PM
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Can you post any screenshots?